Annunakis!? Right, let me explain

Published January 19, 2021 by tindertender

The original use of the title Lucifer originates from the collective races that are from the Nibiruian lines of the Annunaki races that further merged with the Thoth-Enki Annunaki and Fallen Seraphim races.

During the last rounds of angelic human seeding on the planet earth, the Thoth-Enki Annunaki groups had entered into agreements with the Emerald Guardians in which they requested rehabilitation of their representative race lines, through intending to participate in the rehabilitation and regenesis of their DNA.

However, when these DNA regenesis and genetic spiritual healing programs were to begin, they immediately defected and joined the competing Annunaki groups genocidal programs against human beings.

Consistently, their modus operandi for divide and conquer of earth has demonstrated ruthless psychological warfare that includes perpetuating falsity, deception and Gaslighting tactics for their own agendas designed for enslaving other species. They seek full domination and power, which is their most important value system and highest belief system, to which they remain loyal as Service to Self.

About the cruxification – another lie:

The Orion Group Draconians retaliated by distorting all the Law of One teachings he left on the earth through their Satanic stronghold in Rome, the Vatican.

The inner Christ potential of humanity was crucified through the NAA promotion of spreading belief systems of salvation in the parameter of violent religions that require worship of blood or human sacrifice.

The inner violence of one’s crucifixion was projected through the belief systems that shaped the violent religions. These violent religions were created by the invading parasites of the NAA, and were used to spread the ideology of blood sacrifice and human sacrifice as acts of spiritual devotion and piety.

The people who died violently at the hand of another were called Martyrs or Saints, and this archetype was given as role models for humans to die violent deaths in the name or purposes of God.

The purpose of martyrdom is binding and servitude to the astral realms of NAA control. This area of the Astral Plane is called the False Ascension Matrix or FAM. The Cross and its NAA religious theology were borne upon a spiritually crucified humanity that had forgotten their past, forgotten how to access their spiritual consciousness and forgot their true star origins.

These violent religions make continual justifications for the necessity of human and blood sacrifice as Gods will for the sins of humankind.

By the way – it was not originally planned this way. The first angelic human earthseed was meant to be the Guardians of this Galaxy and the watcher over the living library on Earth.

But with a lot of power comes a lot of responsibilities and humans were given the free will. With free will comes of making decisions. And with this decisions humanity became “hostile” to an anomaly of this Universe.

We have really to UNDERSTAND that religions don’t ENLIGHTGEN anybody. They sell false hope and create fear (for death, sins) and much more. What I always find interesting is that soulless humans respond to the evil actions of their religion.

I think the hardest part in coming weeks and months will be to understand the monstrosity of evil and that everything what humans believed over generations is nothing more than ONE BIG LIE. And it will also be hard to see loved ones who are on the path of darkness – millions.

Source: @Karina89350882

Here is a link to the Law of One teachings.

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