Published January 17, 2021 by tindertender

It doesn’t matter what size beads you’re working with – be it size 10’s, 11’s, 15’s or 20’s – it always takes 7 beads to close the circle. For many, this number is significant.

For some, who follow Christianity, the number 7 indicates completeness. In Genesis, God created the heavens and the Earth in six days, and, upon completion, God rested on the seventh day. For this, it’s considered a holy number.

Other people, who follow the red path, will associate 7 with the seven directions. Most of all people know the first four directions; the east, the south, the west and the north. There are three more though. The fifth and sixth direction are the earth and the great mystery that is the sky. So what is the seventh? It’s the self. Think a moment about that direction and it’s significance. Without the self, there is a missing direction and a lack of completion.

Without that seventh bead, the circle is incomplete.

Traditional people believe that each bead has spirit. Contemporary beaders who find that a beadwork is too crowded might crack a bead to make space. However, many traditional people prefer a different correction or they will simply and humbly live with the mistake rather than crack a bead because that bead has spirit.

When you are beading, you are already connecting with a tradition. Through your thread and your needle, you are connecting to past generations. And, you are creating for future generations. You are, yourself, a part of the circle. Your self. That seventh direction, it’s between you and Spirit.


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