Question About God

Published January 17, 2021 by tindertender

So is there a God?

Answer: First of all – you have to think HUGE and expand your thinking as far as possible.The term God is a human word – but there is a SOURCE, a CREATOR ENERGY which is LIGHT and LOVE and ALL THAT IS. This means Source is omnipresent, ominpotent and omni-consciousness.

Nothing is outside of source, so source is within all of us. But please understand that there are trillions of plants and so many are at the same stage like humanity. Others are billions of years more advanced. And consciousness exist in trillions of forms. So the human body is not who you are. This is just a vessel able to hold a specific amount of energy and consciousness. And right here and now you have earthseed, starseeds and consciousness from much higher dimensions.

I think some stuff will be easier to understand when humans learn that they are not alone. That there soooo many other civilizations around them and that most of them are far more advanced. And if religions wouldn`t have told all the BS and keep humans under their spells, some would have happened faster. But anyway – here we are.

Let’s think logical: Why is there FEAR in humans about the Devil and Satan??? Because Religion told them that they are real. If we look from 6D you see the picture of how individual consciousness in gathering (churches) create and manifest in exo-consciousness (matrix of “reality”) the Devil and Satan.

A massive egregory. Fueled by the energy of Creator humans.

This is an excellent book on the subject of egregories.


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