Aura and the Energy Body

Published January 17, 2021 by tindertender

In August 2020, after nearly two decades of being “food” for those who were sucking on an astral pipe that had been jammed into the back of my astral body, I received relief from a surprise source.

She pulled that pipe from out of my astral body. She stated that it left a very big “scar”.

The first photo was taken in August, after she had blessed me with a cleaning… with a healing.

My friend (and I will call her this to my dying day, for she was one of my greatest blessings) fixed me up, cleaned my energetic fields … my aura was so pretty.

Shortly after, we had a falling out … completely formed thru misunderstanding, and perceptions created out of fear and suspicion … generated by my long history of abuse.

Right away I was attacked pretty severely. I had been told “they” had not been informed the feeding tube was gone. No one bothered to tell them of this new situation.

Yet, others stepped in from the hidden realms … they provided healing, shown by the strong green color in the next aura photos.

In January I had another photo done. I’ve been feeling very good, vibrating high through chant, meditation and affirmation in the evenings.

The latest aura photo shows the heart chakra receiving more healing energies. 🙏🏻

While many in the unseen realms utilize our energy for feasting … others work on harmonization of the people … in the heart, in the mind, of our emotional body.

Master Guides and Teachers, constantly working to bring balance to individuals, so balance as a collective may be realized.

I am extremely grateful to those in body, in time, and to those in a different vibratory state, beyond time, who work toward balance for life and for Gaia.

While I was driving to and fro for this latest aura photo I was speaking aloud my list of things I Am Grateful for and I began to notice triple digits presenting themselves to me. From them, I received a message.

Triple 4s came twice, triple 7s came twice, followed by triple 9s.

444 is a number of protection and encouragement. It is a sign that you are currently following the right path.

Number 777 brings a message that you are on the right path and living and serving your Divine life purpose. The Universe is happy with your progress and due to your positive efforts and hard work you have earned your rewards.

Number 999 announces the end of something in your life. It is possible that a certain situation will come to end or that a certain phase in your life is going to be over. Most important is not to have fears because of that, because something better is expecting you.

The following day I celebrated life with chosen family. On my travels there I received triple 3s, and on the return to my dwelling, triple 2s.

Seeing angel number 333 could be a sign that you are being called upon to use those gifts as a lightworker, assisting all of humanity.

Number 222 brings new beginnings and the opportunity for expansion. And to get it all, remember that you have the unlimited power for creation and visualization. Everything starts with your thoughts. So, what you will plant in your mind, you will then reap.

On this present day I had a meeting with a couple of females who are going to be working with me on certain specific issues. I did not think about looking for numbers, yet on my way home from this encounter I was gifted triple 2s again. I thought, “how cool is that?” And then I saw something even more worthy of my smile … number 144.

When we see 144, we know this is a multiple of 12 indicating the highest emphasis on God ruling through human agency. (“©20xx – Verse By Verse Ministry International ( May be copied and distributed in its original, unedited form, including this copyright statement, and no fee is collected for its distribution.”)

My new feminine sisters, those who they work with, and I, are going to have a field day with this … it’s going to be spectacular. In fact, it already is.


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