Tripping Over the Dragons Tail

Published January 16, 2021 by tindertender

Nearly 20 years ago I tripped over the dragons tail and fell into the lap of the satan.

The satan did not feel I was “worthy” due to my alcohol and drug use. They let the dragon “have me” for harvest.

They tried real hard to get me to self harm, to fall into their dungeon. But I survived.

Now the satan is back. Surprised that I survived and expressing this thought aloud, telepathically, of course.

At this time, I am not interested in what either “side” wants. Yet they pine for me just the same.

I am grateful that 18 years since the start of it, my mind has become much quieter, calm even.

I cannot help to think it could be the calm before the next “storm” they unleash onto me.

But maybe I am mistaken, and they are quieter because their reign is soon to be over.

Bless the benevolent lightworkers.

Bless them for holding the vibrations of Love and Light, emitting this frequency into the world.

Bless them for making it possible for me to do the same.

I’ve been practicing Sovereignty, embracing my life and it’s Divinity.

I suppose sometimes it takes a real tragedy to wake us from the dream … the perpetual state of suffering.

I now have 18 years sober.

And so I bless those who tried to kill me. I bless those who tried to control me. I bless those who brought chaos to my mind.

It is through these challenges that I discovered my love, for my life. It is through these challenges that I discovered just how resilient I am.

Although I would never wish this experience onto another, not even a perceived enemy, I am grateful for it.

Now I understand fully what the person walking down the street having argument with “thin air” is going through.

I found my compassion for self, and in so doing, I found it for others.

I am extremely grateful for my life.

My life is equally valuable to any other.

And I demand it be treated as such.

If this honor and respect cannot be reciprocated by another, then that other must go on with their life … apart from my own.




I did not know what this meant until I had to fight for my life.

And so it is with great gratitude I stand before you now … alive … healthy … and so much wealthier than I previously believed possible.

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