Free Your Voice

Published January 15, 2021 by tindertender

Free your voice. Unleash your song. Feel the words you’ve heard so many times, feel their depth and power. The World needs your music, your vibration. Yes – YOURS! Open yourself to your pre-memory hidden in the ground, in plants, under water, in fire; memory of how the spirit heals, how love heals. Open your heart, feelings, understanding. Put your rationality aside and sing… let the sun hidden within you shine. This is the time…

For you, our Friend who still doubts the music of your heart, and for you, our Friend who is already dancing to it. A gift for this New Year – ‘Abrete Corazon’ (author: Rosa Giove) in our arrangement. This special, shamanic, healing song is the icaro of the breath, to open the heart, energy and heart language. This is the time… to sing it for ourselves. Have a beautiful New Year!

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