Acknowledging Emotion

Published January 9, 2021 by tindertender

The child who is taught that their emotions do not matter, becomes the adult who struggles with acknowledging their feelings.

The child will become the adult who lacks emotional awareness. Who does not know what emotion feels like in their body. Will feel emotions like it’s their first time experiencing it, every time.

Imagine that you’re filling water in a glass. Water is your emotions, the glass is your body.

Someone who doesn’t have good emotional awareness will only see the problem when the water finally overflows, and *not* when it’s dangerously reaching the brim.

The child will become the adult who holds their emotions in until a faint breeze comes in that makes them break.

The adult will end up getting trapped in this cycle of not acknowledging the problem until they have to clean up the mess. They will lack emotional accountability and the inability to create spaces for emotional safety for themselves and others.

Let’s change this by prioritizing the need for acknowledging the body. It’s not healthy to go weeks on end without checking in with yourself. It will always end up with the glass overflowing. Slow down, sit down, and take some seconds out of your day to ask how you’re feeling.


Chart Source:

Use this emotion wheel for recognizing the reason you are struggling communicating emotions. May it help to identify them.

When experiencing a strong emotion, use the wheel to identify and write it down. Start with the umbrella center emotions and work it through the middle and outer tiers.

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