Cloak of Secrecy

Published January 8, 2021 by tindertender

2021 storming of the United States Capitol – Wikipedia. Wow, you would think this was written ahead. Already put it out in Wikipedia. As you can see, is this the truth of what happened. This is how written history is created, lies and lack of full truth

And now, those who know, can perhaps understand what the indigenous peoples went through (and are going through) … knowing about the crimes and double dealings of “leaders” … the shadiness of government … while having to deal with others of the citizenry who simply have no clue and no desire to know … liars, rewriting history, yet again.

While we watch, and cannot do anything about it.

Welcome to your new role in this life … knower … and separate from the herd.

Enemy of government AND sheep.

One comment on “Cloak of Secrecy

  • Yes, all will be exposed. In due time which this country i reside in has allowed the most abhorrent things to exist. We shine ever brighter knowing the breakdown will create change. It’s all unfolding as it should. Love to you❤

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