Love, Light ~ Body, Soul and Walkin’s

Published January 4, 2021 by tindertender

In a 3D world there will be arrests – for the body. You can’t arrest consciousness. At a higher level there are no “punishments” but only the law of “cause and effect” – and the soul will learn and receive the effect of what they caused.

But this is about learning and evolving. And of course there ARE souls (and not so less) that just don’t want to go the path of the Light right now and that is also their free will.

Therefore many of these “love and light movements” are a bit dangerous because they do not tell people the truth. So people then believe that everything is already “done” by love and light – but that is simply not the case.

The danger is that humans are kept in deep “coma-sleep” in the belief that everything will be done from above.

I am also angry when I observe all the crimes happening and that it seems nobody is doing anything. But on the other hand I KNOW that exactly my anger feed this criminal energies and the cabal. So in a way we have to “take away” from them what they need to “survive”.

And what they need on an energetic level is our hate, anger, frustration and fear. And so I am NOT willing to give these “negative forces” just one “dot” FROM MY ENERGY.

Question: Agreed now you asked me what I felt was not honest, well for example, soul walkin’s in the bodies of criminals, which I know is happening, my understanding is souls are being retrained and another may take over that body in 3d, more could be explained yet barely discussed.

Answer: The opposite is “soul possession” where a negative entity “takes over” the body with or without the ok from the owner of a body. This happens often in show-business. But in these cases the human also contracts with the negative force for fame and fortune.

A walk-in is a (positive dominated) consciousness in from a much higher realm. The walk-in can operate temporarily or “all the time” within the body- BUT this ALWAYS happens with the ok from the originally inhabiting soul and is contracted between two souls. So it can happen – during a “lethal accident” the one soul decides to end it’s mission and “exit” and another more experienced soul walks-in. This are the cases where people wake up for example after a coma and have completely changed their habits.

Question: Yes we get that, but if the walk in chooses to walk into a criminals body then at that point should as well be held accountable for the crimes that body committed. A walk in decided that exchange & should take full responsibility if they choose a criminals body with open crimes no?

Answer: You have to understand on a deeper level that really NOTHING happens without “some kind of our “consent”. As long as we want to perceive ourselves as victims – no matter what somebody has done to you – you will stay in this perception and will get more of it.

Questioner: All we can do is attempt to rise above it and let it play out,and stay balanced in the process.

Answer: Right – so it is! And to learn our own lessons as long as we are in this density. But even if we come with a mission and purpose – the highest purpose for each soul/consciousness is always to grow and to EXPERIENCE. Some experience Darkness – some Light. Seen From 8D – no difference.

Source: @Karina89350882

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