Occult Trespass

Published December 22, 2020 by tindertender

A group who has introduced themselves as “the satan” proclaiming to be from the future, here, to protect their future, are seeking a female who they call ‘savior’.

Apparently, she has a powerful, psychic energy which will be utilized in assisting in the creation of a very nice life for those who are with her. (They say she is brunette, about 35, and very sweet … they like her body and her energy, but most of all, they want to command her so this future they have foreseen does not come to pass).

Recently, they’ve honed in on a 17 year old young woman. They like her strength, and of course, they are drooling over her body … and her energy. Only problem? She’s terrified.

They have provided me knowledge of their need to feed on human soul energy.

They have actually excited my own sexual energy, they call me a “live one” and insinuate that I am ‘for sale’. They perceive humanity as a commodity.

There are some in this group who are trying to convince others that I am ‘the one’ … they want my energy source, my essence. It makes me happy that so many of them are opposed to my ‘fleshiness’. HAHA, looks like the masculine from the future thinks with their penis. Perhaps this is where this habitual pattern originated from in the first place, infecting minds.

Those who have decided not to ‘consummate’ have decided instead to pull the energy from the soul. Yes, they’ve recently done this to me. The energy came out, and tears were pulled through my eyes, by force, by another form of trespass.

Last night I heard one aspect of this masculine group say “I can’t”.

I thought, “Can’t”?

This is very good information to have.

This means that there are certain aspects in this one that even he cannot control … exposing a weakness, while they promote being strong.

I am not the only female they are siphoning sexual energies off of.

Many women are experiencing “astral sex”. I am sorry to inform you ladies, this is not your soul mate, and it is not love … it is a tasting of you to see whether they want to possess you. A trying out of your sensitivites.

Would you just have relations with any old joe who walked into your house and took liberty with your body? With your energy? Probably not.

These occult ones are very adept at making the feminine feel good. They know that if they do, you’ll just lay there and enjoy it … I know, I’ve been there, I am there.

Some of these masculine’s were having conversation about my attitude, concerned I would fight them if they try to consummate a ‘marriage’. One of them said, we’ll make her feel good, it’ll be fine.


We have been told to forgive those who trespass against us. We have been told to meet aggression with love. We have been told that our righteous anger needs to be harnessed and shed, all the while, we are tread upon, over and over, and we are told it is our choice. Which it is, if we do what they say and remain docile receivers of trespass.

F*uck that.

We are HU-man beings.

We are NOT doormats for the unseen to walk all over.

No, no, no … we are Sovereign, we are Divine, and these ones feast on Divinity, which is why they have trained us to be so docile in the face of abuses … abuses that often feel good.

They are not lovers, they are not friends. They are invisible kids in a candy store out here testing the energies that they want most to feast upon.

Stand your ground.

Reject it … just as you would a rapist who breaks into your house, and abuses your body.


You say it would be an acceptable thing as long as the rapist makes you feel good?

Hahaha … I didn’t think so.

They have the ability to speak sweetly. They know what we like to hear. It is a show. They say what they need to in order to gain compliance. If one is NOT compliant, they turn on the foulness. Oh yes … they’ll say you’ll be prostituted, they’ll tell you to be very careful of what you say, what you think. They’ll say and do whatever necessary to create fear in the mind.

They have the ability to perform psychic surgery. They’ll mess with your heart, with your blood flow. They’ll pressurize your skull and even put you at risk of stroke. They’ll have you believing you’re about to have serious physical ailment … it is possibly, and likely, energetic.

They say they have plans for this planet.

Well, I do too.


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