Mind F*ck ~ Psywar

Published December 22, 2020 by tindertender

If what you read plainly states a thing, if what you hear is plain, then your perceptions are correct according to your inner guidance.

When someone comes to you and says, “But what they meant was…” they are speaking for another they probably do not even know, attempting to override your own intuition.

This seems to be regular habit for many. And often it leaves one doubting their own self, and intuitions.

It is a trespass which does not honor individuality and freedom of choice.

It is an attempt to usurp your Will, and individual perception.

They may even tell you the warning signs you have taken note of are simply a reflection of what is in YOUR OWN HEART and mind … NOT reality. They’ll tell you the obvious threat you’ve noted is simply a reflection of your inner creation … when the actual creation is right in front of you, plainly.

Furthering the mind f*ck.

The intentional (?) mind f*ck.

Think like me, they say. You don’t understand the true meaning, they will tell you. You must ‘read between the lines’. They’ll try and convince you that the obvious is not reality.

Playing the game.

The game of molding minds.

Sometimes, we simply must disconnect from those we do not resonate with. Especially if they are attempting to reformat your mind and working toward instilling in your mind a lack of trust in your own intuition.

This war is fought by the military, by Alien tech, and sadly, by our own brothers, sisters and loved ones …

Gotta Let. Them. Go.

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