Shifting Fear

Published December 18, 2020 by tindertender

Do you ever find yourself with butterfly’s in the stomach, or a feeling like black tar or something nasty has arrives in the belly?

It is frequently mistaken as fear.

Fear in itself, in large portion, may simply be a sensing of the energies of another party being directed at ones person. The many light fibers which come from the belly area are either being leeched onto, or they are feeling outward to sense what is there.

It is a reading of anothers energies, or a receiving of them.

As empaths, the sensitivity to anothers energies are expanded and often mistaken as ones own.

What we may feel as fear many times is a reading of the energies presenting themselves.

The feeling may just be the ickyness of the energy, stuck like glue to our emotional sensors.

Of course, we are often quite good at generating some pretty thick ick for ourselves also.

Knowing that these energies do not belong to Self most of the time, it is opportunity to practice releasing what someone else may be trying to put on another, feel it, feel the emotion, do not become the emotion, let it flow on out.

Ask …

Is this feeling mine?

If not breathe and release, breathe and release.

Sometimes it is even necessary to jump around and shake it off.

It certainly is a good way to become more intimately connected with Self, learning what belongs and what does not.

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