Published December 7, 2020 by tindertender

During my first customer service position, I noted that the manager would smile at people while they were in front of her, but as soon as she was finished ringing them up and taking their money, she would turn from them and the smile would fade and she’d walk away.

I thought, “How rude!”

And how obvious the smile is fake.

I made it a point to smile, looking at them in the eyes. I practiced holding my smile, but not in a fraudulent way, in a welcoming way. I would never turn from them … not until their experience with me was over, and the client always decided when that time would be.

People notice it when you smile genuinely.

They feel it when it is real.

It is a beautiful experience to connect, to send loving energies, to brighten someone’s day, to show them they are seen, and appreciated, even if the purchase is only a quarter for a self-service copy, and you have to do the work for them.

Seeing each other in the many other ways we encounter each other is exquisite.

I went for kombucha yesterday. The lady who helped me not only poured a beautiful pour, but she took time to chat with me … I was the only one there.

We talked about a topic that interests us both very much.

At the end of our conversation, she asked me if I would like a hug. I said, “Yes!” It really meant a lot to connect with her, a Divine Sister, in such a way.

I Love my sisters.

They are so beautiful.

I feel that after this separation we are enduring, people will be more inclined to really see each other, to really listen and cherish the connections, even if only brief.

I see it beginning now, and am grateful.

Out of chaos will come Peace.

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