Charming Abuser

Published December 7, 2020 by tindertender

Anyone who has been involved in an abusive relationship can tell you that it started out beautifully.

All the right things were said.

They portray that they want your highest good, and even assist you in gaining it.

After time, usually about a year, the real soul begins to show.

They may even warn you about it …

Saying some verbiage, or action may appear unloving, judgmental, or even offensive.

And it will be.

This is how it begins …

They “hook” you by telling you all the things you want to hear. Then they’ll turn on you. Tearing down your foundation so they can reconstruct it as they wish.

They will be all the things they warn you about, all the while saying it is coming from a place of love.

The sugar begins to waver between abuses. The sugar is used just enough to make you believe in the love … abuse, love, abuse, love … keeping you off balance.

The sweetness they lured you with becomes tainted.

You’re “hooked” now.

They’ll drag you around, tearing you down, and insist there is a loving reason for it all.

They’ll attempt to reformat your mind, your way of being.

They’ll re-create you … to their liking.

All you must do is cede your Will.

Be subservient.

Take on their instruction as tho they are lord.

Question them?

You’ll get a verbal lashing at the least.

A physical beating, and sometimes worse, also … if they are able.

It’s manipulation in the highest.

A common trait among many.

Be aware.

There are some on these social media sites who have been pumping you up, making you think you have power … and now, as I observe, some are entering the “tear you down” phase. They’ve even warned you about it.

Manipulation in the finest.

Although I’d like to save you the pain of it, the torment of having your mind reformatted, I cannot.

This is an observation and choice you must make on your own.

All I can do is spell it out, so you’ll have something to base your intuition on when it starts to feel quite ugly.

It feels ugly because it is.

Drop these ones like a hot potato.

If they “build” you, they can “claim” you.

Stand in your own authority.

Leave these ones behind.

They all have an agenda.

And it is NOT your highest interest …

It is theirs.

Many of these ‘gurus’ on social media are channelers. They receive a certain message, and they push it onto the public. They are the messengers. Obeying their instruction. Requesting you do the same.

They may receive a seat at the table if they get enough to follow the message.

It’s a hierarchy. They are striving to move on up, by getting followers, by becoming your ‘leader’.

Many of these messages nowadays are coming from non-human entities.

Working to format your internal hardware, rewire it to their liking.

Choose your path.

Exercise your Will.

Stand in your Sovereignty.

Leave them to play the game by themselves.

It’s about collecting souls.

Those who obey, and those who rebel.

The categorization is taking place now.

Protect your Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Don’t give these manipulators control over your mind.

The occult have their puppets in the open, working to snare you …

And making you think you deserve it.

Out of love.

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