Ending …. Beginning … Life

Published November 24, 2020 by tindertender

I unrolled 2 scrolls, 1 next to the other. I unrolled them slowly, comparing the content of the two, looking for the slightest difference. They appeared to be the same …

The left side has red fancy script, the left blue, and the blue side was die-cut out, open letters. They were not simply side by side, there was a curved line between them, somewhat like a yin yang line.

It appeared there was more blue that red, but as I mentioned, the letters were hollowed out, so not really taking as much space, in my conscious perception. Could I have have achieved balance?

I looked up and I saw above each dwelling, a sign, about 12 x 18. It is as tho the occupants therein had been categorized.

It appears the day of separation, or the day of coming together, however one wishes to think of it, is near.

I’ve neen remined …

This is all a game.

WE choose whether we wish to stay in the game or not.

I ask kindly to these players, leave me be … I’m finished being your pawn. You’ll have to find another way to keep the game going …

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