Symbols and Scalar Waves

Published November 11, 2020 by tindertender

Ancient symbols carry standing scalar waves, and are coded to adjust the elements within the specter or spectra field to affect the DNA within the human body.

This is not unlike wireless remote control signals that cause an RC car to turn here or brake there. And they do control your actions, even though these forces are unseen and conveniently largely ignored by science, going undetected.

You have felt this thousands (millions) of times in your life, sometimes consciously realizing that your mood changed abruptly for no reason when you walked into a certain room, not because of anything you could attribute it to.

But there were paintings on the wall, symbols and codes on merchandise and people wearing certain jewelry with signets that you would never focus on that just changed your perspective without knowing it.

If you think they get $3,000 for a pair of sneakers or $50,000 for a handbag without the right symbol emblazoned on it, you are mistaken.

Effectively every enduring shape or symbol from the past still used today are all Command Signets of enslavement, so wearing any such symbol on your person is wearing the scalar waves of the continuous command that you remain in a hypnotic state and follow your programmed rules.

Think of the most-asleep zombies you know and take a look at their shoes, the logo on their jeans, what’s printed on their shirt, etc. to understand why they are in walking Theta State trance mode.

Source: @decodingthehive

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