Thank You

Published October 9, 2020 by tindertender

To all those who so selflessly do what they can, what their skills allow them to do to help the people, to help others rise, leaving toxicity behind, Thank You.

The blessings you share are often unrecognized for what they are, for the ailing really have no knowledge or experience to base their improvement on.

As the toxic ways of the past are shed, the habitual and trained thought processes remain for a time causing them to question the goodness that has been bestowed upon them.

After all, why would anyone care so much, be so selfless?

It is a complex journey, from dis-ease to wellness. The energy, the physical form mends, yet only an individual can choose a new way of thinking. For the stubborn in habit, this can take time.

Thank you for never giving up, especially if the ailing one questions your goodness. Thank you for seeing the sickness in them, inWE, and remaining patient, and in love.

It is my greatest blessing to have come to be in this world, consciously, with you.

My dream is as yours, to see humanity and all forms of life be able to rise from the suffering which has created its home in their lives for so long.

May you be blessed abundantly.

Eternally grateful, Me.

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