6 ft Apart, Please

Published October 9, 2020 by tindertender

The most likely reason for “Social Distancing” is not Covid-19.

It is my perception that there is an investigation being done currently as to the individuals “power” output, the electromagnetic field of the heart. (Why still remains to be seen, most likely has something to do with ‘ascension’).

When people are too close to each other, their energies mix, making this investigation quite difficult.

Being apart forces people to rely on their own measures rather than receiving, or giving energies … which form the world-wide ‘network’.

People will feel the absence of their friends. If they are not accustomed to self-care, they will not be able to replenish their own energetic needs, especially if they eat a majority of processed foods and sweet or fluorinated drinks. Their energy will fall, no replenishment, depression sets in and chaos ensues.

To keep the energies high, avoid drugs, smoking, alcohol use and processed foods as much as possible. Drink a lot of clean water, eat a lot of organic fruits and vegetables, limit meat intake. Much of it is diseased these days, see reference below.

Each person must take responsibility for their energy, for their own health and well-being. Recharging each other has become difficult.

Move the body, flex, dance, walk, do breathing exercises … anything to get the blood going and the energy flowing.

When able, see your friends. Laugh together, dance together, dine together. Try to leave fear behind you as you move forward into your tomorrows, fear creates dis-ease.

One way to remain connected is to write letters, send cards. In this way, you can sit with your friend or loved one while you have a conversation, and believe it or not, you’ll connect energetically to them.

5 comments on “6 ft Apart, Please

  • “Healing all creations and restoring balance” … yes. My prayer also. Health and well-being. Happiness and wholeness. Compassion and care. Love flourishing in hearts and minds. ❤️


  • My pleasure and my heart’s mission my dear. Awakening othets, healing each other and rising above the hate and toxicity of the planet. We can do this. Healing all creations and restoring balance. It’s my prayer🙏

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  • Right on sister🙌 this is why my teacher and I are starting a healing army. This is the base of shamanic healing, clearing away anything that no longer serves. Reconnecting people back to their soul’s purpose and nature. We can do this for one another, that’s how humans are made, to self heal and share with each other. This post is so timely and important 🙏 thank you for sharing 🙏

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