Three Phases of Existence

Published October 6, 2020 by tindertender

Will we spend our time in memory of the past, existing solely in the ‘now’ moment, or in our dreams of the future?

Live … past, present or future?

Living in memory is like listening to a skipping record over, and over again.

Living in the present is awesome, since we never know if we’ll get another moment.

Yet, can the future exist without us envisioning it first?

Perhaps living in memory, or living constantly in the ‘now’ moments is what actually places us in a Zombie category. Non-creators. Simply moving around, eating, buying, and remaining surface level in life.

The artist must envision something before creating. Otherwise it’s just spilled paint … or sawed up wood… or, insert options here ___________.

The future MUST be visualized.

By someone …

It is my perception, of self and what I experience around me, that the majority of life spends time in all three aspects of awareness simultaneously … while someone(s) else create our bigger picture, our future.

Perhaps now is the right time to real in memory from our past, stepping out of the now moment, and seeing the future we wish to dwell in, making moves toward that end.

Do everything with love for what you believe in, for the future that you see in mind. Always for the love of this vision … or whatever else it is you believe in, even if it is yourself …

Especially …


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