Oracle Reading 8-25-2020 p.m.

Published August 25, 2020 by tindertender

Be bold and mighty forces will aid you. Take action. Good luck favors the brave.

This day I will start a new journey. I will not wait until everything is just right. I know there will always be challenges, obstacles, and imperfect conditions. So what! I will get started now. With each step I will grow stronger, more skilled, and more confident. I will take a risk and I will succeed.

Strength is gentle. True kindness has wings. Love in action endures.

This day I will let kindness grow in me. I will be gentle with myself and give my soul the love it deserves. I will focus on everlasting love and let it gently flow into the world. I am alive, my gratitude knows no bounds, and my heart now overflows with love and kindness.

Immense delight can be found in the smallest of things. Cultivate fluttering moments of joy.

This day I give myself permission to be happy. I will laugh and laugh some more. I will spread my wings of joy and soar. I now let go of the past and live in the present moment. I am a beautiful, smart, creative heart on a journey towards ultimate happiness.

Elegance is found in the beauty of nature. The lotus waiting to bloom. Be the swan on the water and glide.

This day I will give thanks for the miracle that is me. For I, who was once an ugly duckling, have become something more. I will see the beauty in myself, others, and nature even when things are not perfect. I know that what I become depends on what I’ve overcome. I will find my rhythm, glide on the waves, and I will be a swan.

Banish the fog of illusion. Open your eyes to the truth. Remember the perfection of who you are.

This day I will be myself in a world that is constantly trying to make me something else. I will remember my true self and honor him/her. I will walk away from all of the confusion, drop illusions, and remember this truth; I am a powerful being, I have a clear mind, and I am a miracle in this world.

Reading from the deck “Magical Times” Empowerment cards created by Jody Bergsma

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