Judgement and Transmutation

Published August 24, 2020 by tindertender

We all pass judgement.

We like this, we don’t like that.

We think others should be this way or that way, and if they do not measure up to our own thought forms, we pass judgement, often in a negative form.

We are liable for the output we generate.

Regardless if we are being judged, bullied, slandered … we ought to be very careful of our own output.

Be the example you would like to experience for self.

Plant the seeds of acceptance and tolerance.

Grow the garden you wish to see in this world shared by all life … create the peace you wish to enjoy.

As Creators, we must take responsibility for our Creation.

It is not the politicians fault we don’t like what we see. It is not the presidents fault, it is not our mother or fathers fault, or our mates … it is our own …

Sure, we are exposed to rotten judgements, actions and implants. Sure, it hurts us. Are we going to pass the hurt onto others? Are we going to skip the inner work and simply offload our pain into the world, creating more of the same? And blame others for the creation we ourselves participate in exacerbating, in growing?

It is time to take a deep look at self and the creation we are generating, through our own reactions, responses, and outputs.

Own it.

It belongs to you.

It belongs to WE.

WE can cause serious and beneficial change in this world … with attention, intention, and effort.

It starts with self, this positive transformation.

It requires your inner participation and transmutation.

You have every ounce of everything needed to do this.

You were born for this … in this moment of time.

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