Published August 21, 2020 by tindertender

Balance between being Love and being asshole … I may have finally arrived.

What is balance exactly?

I was reminded of a single portion of it, pertaining to my writing.

If I write 10 things about light and dark, I ought to balance it by writing 10 things about self.

Self is worthy of its own attention just as much as any other is worthy of our attention.

The focus is often too much on what is outside of self … indeed, this seems to be the norm. Many are unwilling to dwell on self. I do not mean being selfish, want want want. I mean focus on the inside, what makes us tick, what does our inner child have to say, what care may we be neglecting for self?

The thoughts … are they always upon another, or others, or some thing?

Attention is the most valuable currency any form of life possesses, and ALl life has it. ALL life spends it. We give it away, here and there, yet how often does one actually sit with self and ponder what brings happiness, love and peace … to ones own life and mind?

There is plenty of chaos in this world, and most people are focused there, completely avoiding, or missing self-care.

I know, for I am one, and I see it everywhere I place my attention.

My current self-imposed task is to reign in my attention once more. To find balance, the balance that has gone catawonky.

It is give and receive.

We may be of service to others, and must balance it with service to self. Physical actions, mental efforts … not only do we give, but we are responsible for the receive … not any other person. WE give to others, WE must give to self.

If someone is demanding you give and give, and does not reciprocate, yet demands also that you never take time for self … these must be released … it is a form of vampirism.

Remembering to give to self, to care for and love self, seems to have become a lost art.

Mastering balance … it’s a challenge which requires continual conscious effort.

If the mind wanders there, pull it back to here for a time.

If it is focused on everything that is wrong, then it must also focus on everything that is right. Equal portions, in the same day.

Old habits are difficult to release.

Creating the new replacement patterns, ones that are of deeper benefit to health in body and mind more of a challenge.

Worth it?

Check in with body and mind and see what they say.

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