Corruption of Sacred Symbols

Published August 17, 2020 by tindertender

The sacred whirling logs were corrupted by nazism …. people stopped using the sacred signs because of the fear, anger and hatred generated by its misuse and misinterpretation.

JB Moore Crystal with Whirling logs. circa 1910 x 1920

The swastika motif goes back thousands of years in human culture. One of the oldest symbols made by humans, the swastika dates back some 6,000 years to rock and cave paintings. Scholars generally agree it originated in India.

In the Navajo culture the swastika or Whirling Log, represents well being, good luck and protection. It comes from tale of the Whirling Log.

 The Whirling Log

The hero of the story sets out on a long journey. At first the gods try to persuade him against going, but seeing his determination, help him hollow out a log in which he will travel down the river.

Along the way he has many misadventures which ultimately result in his gaining important ceremonial knowledge. In one such instance he and his craft are captured by the Water People who carry him down beneath the waters to the home of Water Monster. Black God threatens to set fire to Water Monster’s home and the hero is released, but not before being taught by Frog how to cure the illnesses caused by the Water People.

When he finally reaches the lake that is his destination, the gods catch his log and help him to shore. Wandering about on land the hero comes upon a whirling cross with two yeis seated on each end. From them he learns the knowledge of farming and is given seeds. He then returns home to share these gifts with his people.

As Above, So Below

This is another symbol that was hyjacked. I’ve learned that using it is a direct link to God.

It was stolen, minds manipulated in order to cause fear against using it. People are told they are satan worshippers if they do.

The fact is, when you use it, it creates a connection to Creator which is quite powerful. It is intimate, personal connection.

Use it with the left hand, not the right …. use it in its original form, With thumb connected to the two folded fingers, closing the gap, creating a circuit. Use it with your original, pure intention, infuse the symbol and whatever dance you create during your Creation generation.

When used with the right hand, it twists the intention into a backward meaning … as below, so above. Chaos ensues. We see the proof of it in this world today.

Use it to assist in creating heaven on earth in Union with the heavens and the King who dwells there. This is your birthright and intention for being here … you know this already in your innermost portions.

It is time for this world to recognize the symbols being used for evil … discover their roots and the original usages and intentions.

Reclaim your Sovereign connection to Divinity, to all that is balance … coming from a place of love rather than the fear ‘programming’.

The shadows do not exist without Light, they simply cannot. Destruction occurs, every time they try, for they must steal the light source and manipulate it toward backwards intentions … and it usually comes from our stolen, abused, and sacrificed children … allowed by minds that have been programmed to reject sacred symbols and connections, fear programming.

This is the true disconnect life upon this planet has been manipulated into accepting.

Time for homework … and release of the negative attachments to our sacred symbols.

These are only two of them … there are many.

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