Published July 9, 2020 by tindertender

You should be noticing right about now polarity resting very close to each other.

Emotions swing from sadness to gladness, so quickly you could swear they had smashed right into each other.

Same for all other emotional states.

We see it in the media … one minute they are demanding the economy remain closed, and on the other hand they are complaining about unemployment and jobless claims.

Yes … the media is having its own smashup of polarity.

Begin to notice it, in yourself, and in all things you are viewing currently.

Eventually, polarity ought to meet, and then begin to distance from each other once more.

Do your utmost to maintain a calm mind. (I have difficulty taking this advice, personally).

Alcohol and other substances will throw you into a spiral, a spiral from which you will not be able to clearly define anything.

Choice …

We determine how difficult we will make this on ourselves.

It WILL be difficult, regardless.

Stubborn Will says, “I can do whatever I want to do.”
Followed by, “Why did I do that, or continue to do that?”

Yes … my dilema too.

I keep wondering when Stubborn or Strong Will transforms into Skillful Will.

It seems my mind is not quite done messing with me yet.

Powers that be, please let the Will be transformed soon.

In the mien time, I keep saying …

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@matdflo

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