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Hello, Dear Friends,

Today I will be talking with you about focusing your energy for the healing of others. I will also be reviewing some past discussions about healing.

Most of the pain and illness that afflicts individuals, as well as that of the collective consciousness, is the result of free will choices at one level or another. Most of those who suffer with major illness or pain chose it in order to learn the lessons of pain.

It is hard to remember that we choose lessons of pain when we hurt so badly that we can barely go forward with life. But pain teaches the lessons of compassion and empathy. It teaches us how to serve others in pain. It teaches us to be strong and able to withstand any challenge.

Other pain and disease here is quite accidental. Much suffering on your planet is being caused by toxin exposure, because people don’t have access to clean water and food grown free of pesticides and chemicals. We accept that risk coming to this planet.

Other disease, such as the great majority of cancers, is caused by stored negative energy in the body. That is why Jesus focuses so much on healing in his LETTERS OF CHRIST. By alleviating stored anger from this or other lifetimes, you reduce the possibility of cancer.

Whether you can heal yourself of disease, or help another do the same, is the prerogative of your or their Higher Self. It depends on the cause of the illness, and what lessons you are learning from it. Your own Higher Self is what determines whether you can be healed.

All of you carry the energy of the Creator, and have the ability to heal yourself and help others heal, if the Higher Self allows an individual to heal. Those of you who are lightworkers brought this ability with you, but have to remember how to do it when you incarnate here.

In the times ahead of you on this planet, there will be great suffering, as there is now. There is wonderful opportunity for you to use your awakening for the healing of others, rather than focusing your energy to strengthen those who harm you by thinking of them instead.

The first step to learning to heal others with energy is to fill your own body, and strengthen your own auric field with light. Remember discussions past, where we talked about the imagination being a visual tool to help you focus your energy.

Imagine your auric field around your body. If you are unable to visualize, simply draw simple figures to do the same. Your auric field takes the form of a bubble around your body. Now picture your body within that bubble, and see that it has energy ports on the outside of it.

There is no special form these visions or drawings have to take. No special or unique knowledge is ever required to work with energy. Just use what works for you. Then picture light of white, blue, pink, or soft green coming into you and first filling up your body.

After you fill up your body with light, then fill up your auric bubble with light in the color that feels good to you. I use cobalt blue light in the “sword” I carry. AARaphael uses soft green light and pink light for healing. The Creator light is bright white and gold.

After you fill yourself and the auric field around you with light, you are ready to use it to help others heal, if they want to be healed. One of the most important things to understand is that you need permission to heal another.

You can ask another person if they would like you to send them healing energy, or you can ask their Higher Self if you know how to do that. If you can’t do either, you can still send them healing energy, but you must focus your energy differently.

To focus for energy for healing, simply bring the image of the person needing healing into your vision or drawing. You don’t want to bring their energy into yours. You only imagine or draw them to tell your energy where to go.

As a divine healer, if you pull another’s energy into you, it will only diminish your strength. Instead, see yourself as a conduit to link the person needing healing into the Creator. Focus on your hand, for example, and imagine yourself pulling the energy of the Creator.

Pull the energy of the Creator through your hand and to the person who needs healing. Don’t pull your own energy out. You don’t need to do that. You have all of the energy of the Creator to pull from and transfer to the other person, simply by visualizing it in your mind.

If you have the permission of the other person or their Higher Self, you can focus that Creator energy directly into their body. If you do not have their permission, you can still focus the energy, but make it stop right in front of them. Their Higher Self will detect it.

Their Higher Self Will then determine whether to accept the energetic offering, or reject it. This is the procedure to use when you see suffering or darkness around you. You can still help heal the energy, and those you don’t speak with directly, by doing this.

There are thousands of books written on how to use energy to heal, with those authors telling you the techniques they’ve developed for healing. They all come down to the simple techniques I’ve shared today. Use what works for you. Honor free will and get permission.

By focusing your energy outwards for the benefit of healing others, you can help the Higher Selves of huge groups of people obtain energy they need for healing of pain and darkness. You can use the same techniques to send your planet healing energy.

All of the energy work we do from the higher realms is done by focus on what we want to accomplish, and telling our energy where to go simply by thinking of it. That is all there is to it. There are no courses required. It only takes practice of focus, and projection.

Heal yourself first, using the techniques described in the LETTERS OF CHRIST, or another source you trust. Then use your energy to help heal those you love, and those you struggle to love, simply by focusing the energy of the Creator for the good of humanity.

As you focus your energy through prayer or other means to heal others, you invite healing energy to come to you as well. Energy you send out returns to you in the same form—for healing or for the harm you send to others.

Healing is actually a process of creating covalent bonds between the energy delivered by the healer, and the one needing healing. Luckily, no special knowledge of physics is required to make it work out.

A “covalent bond” is a human term of physics that describes the potential created when two energy sources combine. If you don’t recognize the term, it’s not important.

Much love to all.

There is also a book on Amazon.


  • 100% my dear, my circle of healers have been discussing this a lot lately. Whenever large shifts happen, there are forces that don’t want things to change. Yet change we must, life is ever unfolding and shifting. Much love to you so sharing this information 🙌❤

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  • This post is so validating. I am a healer, a shamanic energy worker and I yell others how all of us can be healers just as you wrote here. By utilizing our imaginations, focus and projection amazing things can and do happen. It’s our human magic🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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