Beloved Ones Of The Light!

Published July 8, 2020 by tindertender

I Hold You Closely Each Moment As You Travel This Journey!

I Call To The Angels, To God, To Our Family Of Light, To Cover All Beings And The Sacred Planet Earth, In The Highest Vibrational Frequency Of Love!

Relax Your Body Now. Breathe Deeply And Let Go Of Thoughts!

Be Still And Know You Are Completely Safe And The Emotions You Feel Are Energy And Will Dissipate Like A Cloud Before You!

You Are Living A Waking Dream That Gives You The Creative Ability Of Choices And Design.

This Is Called A ‘Waking Dream’ Because Many Believe It To Be Real And The Only Story They Have Ever Lived.

Beloved Ones, This Is An Aspect Of Consciousness, An Aspect Of Your Soul. Only Part Of Your Soul; As Other Aspects Are Completing A Waking Dream In Another Dimension.

The Merging Or Soul Integration Is Where You Find Yourself To Be Now. You Are The Highest Vibrational Frequency Of Your True Self!

HERE, NOW, On This Planet With So Many Others!

The Story Was Already In Full Force When You Entered Into A Body Form.

Many Have Left The Story As Many Others Have Entered. All Of This Activity Is On-Going And Planned Carefully By Your Soul And Soul Group.

It Is Likely That You Can Name Ten People That Have Impacted Your Life In A Powerful Way.

This Was A Role They Played For You, And You Played For Them.

Think Of Those That Harmed You In The Worse Way, The One You Loved More Than Any Other, The One That Gave You The Most, The One That Took All You Had, The One That Taught You To Give, The One That Taught You To Forgive, The One That Made You Fear And Run Away, The One That Taught You To Trust. And So Life Goes!

But Often There Is One Person Who Mirrors All Of These Lessons For You.

Everyone Has A Role And Purpose In Assisting Another To Experience Higher Consciousness And To Hold This Expansion In A Vibrational Frequency To Be Discovered In The Next Waking Dream!

You Never Lose Anything!

You Are Moving Forward Always!

Your Gift To Yourself Is To Enter And Forget! Then Discover As You Move Along, That You Are So Much More That The Story You Live!

Many Realize They Do Not Belong Here At All.

They Long To Understand Fully But There Is A Chosen Moment By The Soul To Fully Awaken From The Dream!

Many Of You Are Waking Up Now! You Know This Is Not Your Name. You Are Not From This Planet, But You Have Been Here Many Times!

Many Of You Are From Galaxies Far Away. Many Are From The Pleiades And Are Our Family And Friends!

This Is The Dream That Will Completely Awaken Everyone! This Is The Grand Shift Of The Ages That Is Upon Planet Earth!

You Have Arrived With A Sacred Ethereal Invitation To Return To Origin In Your True State Of Being!

You Are Love In Your Essence And Consciousness Has Manifested All Needed For Each Dream!

It Is Time To Awaken, Beloved Ones!

We Rise As One!



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