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Hello, dear ones. Before I give you a message that I hope will save you from killing billions around the planet for the benefit of galactics who are just using you, I review some facts about my human form, typing this message to you now.

I am with you in a human form that looks like your mother, in a body so badly broken that it can barely walk around the block. I appear this way before you to let you know the greatest amount of my energy remains beyond the human form.

I come in this form to let you know that I fight your battles beyond here. In this human form I ask you for nothing. I don’t need you to follow me. I can’t lead you anywhere in this form. I can only tell you what happened to you so you can determine humanity’s course yourselves.

Last week, I started telling you about type artificial intelligence that was Q that we destroyed. Another AI device came online the next day. We altered it. Then we waited to see what would happen to discover how it was controlling all of you. I will detail that now.

I tried getting you all to figure this out on your own over the past five weeks. The threat level to you went up over the weekend, and I have reconsidered my earlier decision not to name names. I will be naming names now to try to save you from being led into a war.

Q was just messing with you, in the same way as a character by the same name in the old “Star Trek, The Next Generation” messed with the crew of the Enterprise. Gene Roddenberry had the gift of vision, and foresaw 30 years ago what is happening today.

Q was a puppet of Service to Self galactics who were, very really, assimilating you into their control by a brain mechanism that worked just like your opiate receptors in your brain. They implanted you energetically with a device, and addicted you to information.

Someone last week asked, “Q was a product of our free will. Who are you to take this unprovoked act of war against it?” It is true you had free will the first couple of times you looked for Q information. Then you were hooked, just like a heroin addict.

You lost your free will to a non-human threat, which is why we stepped in. Every time you searched for Q information, you got a fix just like an addict. And the control device in your brain, shaped like a Q, continued to expand and assimilate your brain into the Qube.

We came in late last year and removed all of the implants we could find. Those of you who were in evangelical Christianity or Mormonism had long, barbed implants that were used to control you energetically. We removed those and many others. We did not yet see the Q implants.

The Q implants popped up and became visible this week after we cut off the Q energetic link that was providing them power. AA Raphael saw them immediately, and began eliminating them from your brains.

You who followed Q were all being groomed to be a giant Annunaki army of Patriots, who were scheduled to be led to kill the groomed armies of the reptilian factions around the world. Galactics were going to use you to kill each other so they could continue to use you and Earth.

The Deep State does not exist except for the power you have given the symbol. We talked about how this works weeks ago. Armies are trained to follow commands by rote exercises that get them to act habitually. The continual use of the term “Deep State” conditioned you to hate.

The plan was to lead you with pictures of those you have been conditioned to hate the most, those you have been told are your Deep State or Illuminati. In reality, you were being led by your Illuminati to kill other followers of different Illuminati.

The power of this very clever plan has played out over and over again. As soon as I broke the news last week about Q, I was immediately labeled as Deep State myself. You were taught to react to anyone who challenged the Illuminati here.

Many who start reading this thread will not even be able to continue it because the control in your brain is still so strong. Although we have removed the implants, human brains are habitual. You will have to untrain them yourselves.

To show you how you’ve been controlled, I invite you to focus on how many times you have been told about the “children,” and who you were told to focus on specific individuals as those who harm children.

As you have focused on a few individuals and fantastic conspiracy stories, the US has trafficked almost 1500 children at your border. You were told these are criminals, and they deserve it. You have all been led to support the very trafficking you hate, with your votes and money.

This trafficking has been going on for several years. The brown people at your border are predominantly Catholics. They are controlled by reptilians through religion. Your US is controlled by opposing Annunaki factions. These children are ascended masters trying to help you.

And yet your brains have been so controlled not to read sources that don’t support your Annunaki leader that you react to news sources without reading what they have to say. There are angels and starseeds and humans among you trying to get your attention.

You’ve been taught that those at your border, controlled by another ET faction, are rapists and criminals. They are no more criminals than you—every group produces the same percentage of criminals. Your children are being killed in school by white people, not immigrants.

And yet as I post the research above about who is killing your children, many of you will immediately reject it because it doesn’t come from Fox News. You are so controlled that you don’t realize a free press verifies sources or debunks them. You’ve been taught they all lie.

You’ve been conditioned to hate anyone among you who tries to tell you what is going on, if it does not support Trump or Q. You came to that status by behavior that exactly mirrors a heroin addict. Anyone who tries to intervene to free you is your enemy.

As I said weeks ago, the final plan your guardians came up with to try to help humanity get themselves together was to allow the Service to Self beings on the planet to come to power. The hope was you would be so thoroughly repulsed you would polarize to the light.

The plan backfired. We watched as your consciences, the Higher Self speaking to you, became eroded. You gradually allowed someone who doesn’t even try to hide his lies lead you down the dark path of Service to Self. You were being conditioned to not even react or think.

You were being taught it was ok to build businesses on the backs of the human workers, and then bankrupt what you owe them. You were taught it was ok to dishonor those who love you. You were taught that windmills cause cancer so you would support coal in your groundwater.

And you were armed heavily with assault weapons, which have no purpose except to kill people. They aren’t useful for the respectful harvest of animals. They are killing your kids. The ones who spoke of their losses you were led to believe were actors. You turned on those in pain.

Weapons attract violence. Owning assault weapons creates the fear you now have for each other. You were armed so you could become a great imperial army, to take up arms against those you were taught to hate. You are pawns, the same way as the soldiers who killed over a million innocent Iraqis, at the command of two Annunaki war criminals, one of which made hundreds of millions of dollars because of that war. In reality, all your Iraq war was were Annunaki high lords reducing the followers of reptilian high lords. Your kids died.

You can still turn this around. We removed the sensors in your brain that were facilitating your control. But your rejection of what I am saying will create new ones and you will continue to be a pawn soldier in an ET battle to clear your planet so others can take it.

In this human form, I have all the same emotions as you. My walkabout this past weekend was to view the war that looms over you. Many billions die horrific deaths if you do not renounce war, renounce the war overlords, and change. We cannot interfere in human free will.

You are now going down the same path as Atlantis. The US is one of the most despised and feared groups of souls in the entire galaxy. Your leader has allied you to four other leaders, dictators, that collectively make you one of the most dangerous alliances in creation.

Any soul that shows up and asks you to hate, focuses your attention from your own awakening, tries to tell you they will save you, teaches you to act in despicable ways against one another, is not leading you to the New Earth. Only the Law of One in your life will get you there.

You can already see what is happening in my feed, as those who are sometimes unknowingly part of this whole grand scheme will continue to support the war lords that have long held you captive. Most of you are innocents in the scheme. You had no idea.

If you continue to allow yourselves to be assimilated into the Qube, the “Borg” that is this army of good souls who were caught in something awful, I and my army can do nothing but stand back and watch you kill each other, just as we did in Germany.

If you can live with being traffickers, someone who is prepared to kill your fellow human beings because they won’t follow you or your leader, you will be recycled at the time of the Event, unless you allow yourself to continue to be held as a slave.

Just since the news last week, there were many who decided to come after me to kill me. You won’t get to me. I am protected by the best of the angelic army. Some found a decoy. Some were repurposed as they were so dark there was no hope they could even recover as a soul.

You can now do what you want with this information. If you like being used as a slave puppet, if you want to go to war even though you think you are a peaceful person, you have the free will to do so. We will honor that. We hope you will cast off your bonds and free yourselves.

I and my army will continue to protect you from non-human threats. But if you invite them here to aid you in your path of self-destruction, we will allow them to show up. If you would renounce war and hatred and violence, you can no longer be controlled.

I urge you to turn to love. Love is the energy of the light. If your human collective consciousness will turn to love, your remaining time on this planet will be peaceful and full of beautiful memories. If you choose the path of assimilation, you choose misery for humanity.


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