What Am I In The Middle Of?

Published May 24, 2020 by tindertender

Have you ever discovered yourself to be ‘in the middle’, trying to play mediator, or most likely, simply keep from going crazy amidst the chaos?

I am in one of these predicaments.

People to the left, right, inner circle, outer circle, and the rest who reside beyond.

When did you discover for the first time that the way you were treating yourself was important to someone? I’m referring to something other than belittling behaviors. I am this years old, and it’s over 50.

A separation is occurring.

It is unfortunate that it is made so easy to be mean to ones self. Cigarettes, booze, drugs, many of which are legal now. An abundance of any kind pollutes the mind, the energy, the spirit and the soul.

Did you hear of the story where the devil was ousted, right here with us, and given permission to tempt the human family into treating themselves poorly? Pleasures for the senses … the kind that pollute the sacredness of being. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, porn … they dull the mind, dirty the energy, and make benevolent creator powers null and void.

The unfortunate thing is that young people are exposed by adults who are behaving badly toward themselves, not respecting their sacred lives, not honoring their ‘temple’.

Has anyone ever said to you: “Stop treating yourself like garbage!”

Well I just did. So if you are, please stop. Your presence, your full, unadulterated presence is required at this time.

I’m not preaching. I was one of those youths (and adults). Cycling round and round, never seeming to escape the loop.

This is because one does not simply exit the loop. A concerted effort is needed to perform alchemy in the psyche. Concentrated focus is needed to create a new way of being, new habits, new activities.

Leaving behind the ‘old’ is not easy. Habits are difficult to interrupt and reformat. Especially when the environment contains temptation.

How strong is your will? Are you determined to foul your lungs and liver just to gain a false sense of happiness? You know by now this is an illusion, and that it only feeds the monsters.

Leave the party buddies behind and start building your inner fortitude, your spiritual stamina, your soul strength.

I read from a rabbi that the soul is a pillar upon which creation rests. Just recently from the unseen I was told, “The soul is not a pillar upon which creation rests. It IS creation.”

Since the soul IS creation, we ought to tend it better than we’ve been. It is no wonder the earth is so sick.

Look around you, look inside you, are you spiritually healthy? Are you blaming others, not taking responsibility for your personal actions and behaviors? Do you feel justified in causing harm?

If so, you are destroying creation. Every time you hurt a soul, you harm creation.

We are Creators! We are the glue that holds this together!

And yet, so many people would rather tear it down, burn it to the ground, and everyone and everything with it.

THIS is why the planet is being harvested of life right now.

The Creators in this world decided to destroy each other rather than beautify each other.

I suppose we’ll get what we deserve.

If you’d like to live rather than be destroyed, you’d better take your Creatorship seriously. We’d all better start being serious caretakers of our world, and each other.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@nypl

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