Oracle Reading 5-20-2020

Published May 20, 2020 by tindertender

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Put yourself forward. Stand in the sun. Reach out. Stretch yourself little by little, grow strong and LIVE!

In a fleeting moment of grace, in the space between your thoughts, you glimpse a silent bliss that is beyond words or description. This all-encompassing love is your soulful, spiritual center. It is without beginning or end. Reach for it, and this state of grace shall be a guiding light in this world and beyond. It is life … it is eternal.

You are you, in your own right, not as a reflection of circumstance, expectation or assumption. Define and trust yourself. A clear and simple answer betrays the true complexity of an issue. Resist the temptation to take someone or something at face value. A pattern of behavior reveals more than a single gesture. Go deeper, broader and higher to get a fuller perspective.

From the calm, neutral perspective of love, and free from the fear, guilt and judgement of this world, your higher self looks through the conflict and drama of the physical world and sees hidden meaning and purpose. From a distance, present chaos looks perfectly ordered. Seek greater awareness. Tune into the depths of your heart to find heavenly peace.

Know what you want and do what works. Refine your abilities. Transfer a skill set from one environment to another. Do not underplay what you are capable of. Give up the idea that you must be good at everything. Narrow your interests and build on your existing strengths to conserve output and increase your value. A creative response to change will see you flourish.

There is a higher purpose to everything, but currently it is not clear. Something in your life is changing, and it is unsettling. Soon, the pieces of the puzzle will start falling into place, and you will begin to find meaning in it. For now, trust in the refinement process, hone your ability for love and develop your capacity for compassion. As taints fall away, the truth becomes clearer.

Give yourself or someone else the space to heal, think, create or contemplate. Hold space as a gentle, non-judgmental and supportive presence. Nothing needs to happen instantly. Pull back, trust and respect the boundaries and processes of others. Pushing for a result will not get you what you want in the long term. Choose your destiny, and let others choose theirs.

Across space and time, multidimensional world’s exist beyond human concepts of love, hate, right and wrong. Bliss, creativity and infinite peace are tucked away in the hidden dimensions of our souls where all is possible and all are welcome. Childlike innocence, curiosity and a little dreaming are all it takes to reach these worlds. Close your eyes and be there.

Confront your ideas about a situation, a relationship or yourself. Poke, dare and test your expectations. If it is real, it will remain. Be honest, reflective and determine if an accepted truth is truly serving you and those you care about. Consenting to things turning out okay, is settling for less. Expect more for yourself and your circle. Let go of what you know to make way for wisdom.

Inspiration breaks through expectation like a lightning bolt. It awakens inside you, shatters doubt and fills your life with creative energy. Every day you are the creator of a new world – be the creator of a fairer, more inspiring and positive one. Shift perception, raise expectation and burst into a new horizon. Hope anticipates better days ahead. Happiness makes better days, today.

It is up to you to acknowledge an obstacle as impermanent. Regardless of who is to blame, it is your responsibility to defy a false limitation. A quirk or idiosyncrasy is a strength: bring it out and own it. Individuality is a precious gem. Throw your woes into the smelting pot and craft them into powerful tools. Experiment with what you have and give it value.

Life is a perpetual movement, and yet, life is also still. Life is change, and yet, it is also unchanging. You are part of this moving stillness, changing and unchanging through time and eternity. Something is moving within a still part of you, and yet, something is still within the moving part of you. Meditate on this. Feel complete oneness in your being.

**Reading from the Sacred Earth Oracle created by Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J. Williams


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