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Published May 19, 2020 by tindertender

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Lightworkers do not think they have done or are doing much work while being here. However, they may not know that much of their work also happens while in the dream state. In that time they travel most. And it was during that time that lightworkers united and repaired Mother Earth’s energetical grid. If the grid had not been repaired by the lightworkers with the assistance of the Galactics, Mother Earth would have imploded. Why? The Earth as it has been mentioned many times has entered the Photon Belt. When this process started, as Earth was approaching the belt, with her energetic grid being damaged, she would have not been able to withstand or anchor the photonic light, and thus she would have been destroyed with all life on her. The grid was repaired just in time.

The splitting of worlds begun in 2012. From 2020 and forward, this will start to become more transparent. It is basically one reality, one world splitting into two, literally. The group, or the collective that wishes to cling onto the old matrix, and its ways of life of 3D, will remain in that old matrix until its eventual dissolution. While the other collective, that seeks a higher way of life, will find itself in 5D reality. The 3/4D and 5D reality already exist simultaneously. However, some will be anchored in the fifth dimensional divine matrix.

While the others will be anchored in the 3/4D illusory matrix. Many who are ready and embrace ascension, have already begun spending more and more time as their 5D self, and less as their 3/4D self. And sooner rather than later they will become “invisible” to those remaining in 3/4D. Those in 5D will still be able to perceive the ones in 3/4D, but it will be for a short while, as the ones in the new world will begin to create and build their new communities, they will not be affected or have any interest in old world.

The second half of 2020 will be the most exciting time since this process begun.

One thing that happened, or perhaps the main thing that happened on 12/21/2012, which many do not mention, is the Divine Masculine was activated to be in balance with the Divine Feminine. The “merging”, the balancing of these two powerful energies is bringing the “change”.

You are not here because you lack in something. You are here because you are complete.

Why are you here? I’m sure you have heard all types of answers. And now you will here my perspective. You are here to BE YOUR TRUE DIVINE SELF. And through this, to anchor the higher light onto planet Earth, and uplift this world into a whole new reality frequency.

That is your mission. How you choose to go about it, is entirely up to YOU.

The crystalline structure is already within your cells. And only now it is being activated. Your entire vessel is to be transformed. Your organs as well. So it is only natural for one to gradually experience a change in their diet.

The starseeds here on Earth marvel at the “ascended masters”, and the higher dimensional beings. But is they, the higher dimensional beings, ascended masters, the angelic realms, that stand on the edge of their seats watching you in awe, and wondering where does YOUR POWER come from to be able to maneuver through and withstand the hardships of the 3D reality.

Contrary to claims of “social historians and linguists” the word ‘angel’ does not mean messenger. It is made in fact of two words; E Ngjall; It actually means “to revive” or to “bring/come to life”. As this is how the ancients saw the higher beings of light; “returning from the heavens, or revived from the afterlife.”

This is physical Ascension. However, all that are to ascend to 5D Earth, nit everyone will go through the physical Ascension. Many will ascend spiritually to 5D. Around forty to fifty million will ascend physically.

You give your joy away by letting others’ actions and words impact your being and reality. And when you give your joy away, you have given them your power.

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