Resilient Progression

Published May 3, 2020 by tindertender

Be yourself. Your power is who you really are. Resist the urge to creat a false identity. You will overcome adversity by developing your own strengths. We are so much more than we think we are. We may be frightened or going through a difficult time, but if we reach down to the place where our best self is, we will be able to triumph over adversity.

Pleasure should be made a priority – actively seek it. Do not forget what makes you happy. Become more aware of the obstacles to your own pleasure. If we don’t allow ourselves to experience pleasure, whether it take the form of laughter, play, sensuality, or practicing our talents, we are less than whole. We need to recognize that, over time, we are much less effective in our emotional and public lives if we do not experience regular doses of pleasure. If we focus too much on serious issues and take ourselves too seriously, then our lives are not complete.

It is wonderful to be alone and to be able to do as one pleases. Independence is a gift. It is time to create your own life. Run your own race. The time has come for focus. Sometimes maintaining a fierce independence can mean we exclude people and opportunities. If we hold ourselves apart from others, we may not be as empathic as we could be. We also may forget that to have true balance, we need to maintain both the masculine and the feminine energies within us. Should we distance ourselves too much from one or the other, we may not forgive transgressions from the opposite sex easily. It’s important that we stay true to who we are without being too separate from others.

It is time to release an old belief or bad habit. Imbalances of all kinds will fall away. Your pain will soon ease. Think carefully about what it is you wish to unburden and release. Remember not to throw out the good with the bad.

You will be victorious. Teamwork or a partnership may be better than going it alone. Synergy is important right now. Delegation is useful. While healthy anger can fuel wise action, rage rarely does. There is a big difference between expressing healthy anger and expressing the uncontrolled negative energy of rage; it is worth knowing your triggers.

You are enough. Build your self-esteem from the inside out. It’s your turn to shine. Be the sunshine in your own life! We have to understand how truly important we are – to those around us and to the world at large. Without building true self-esteem from the inside out, creating a true love of ourself, we are limited in what we do.

The effects of low self-esteem can permeate our lives easily! When we don’t love ourselves or when we only rely on others for our love, it is difficult to stay balanced, keep our boundaries, have a healthy body image, be successful, and simply enjoy life to its fullest. We see the effects particularly when we shy away from taking positive risks and growing. Having positive self-esteem means we shine, and that is evident for all to see.

Strength …

Healthy fierceness is required. Strengthen your physical body. Walk forward in pride and know that you can fight any battle. You need to strike a balance between masculine and feminine. Healthy fierceness is a positive trait in situations that require it. Setting boundaries is necessary for our success.

Self-love …

Romantic love comes into focus. Build your love of self from the inside out. You only fear because you lack self-love and acceptance. Jealousy is unnecessary. We are born perfectly lovable and ready to accept our own beautiful selves. Developing love from the inside out, rather than outside in, is encouraged. This way, we do not rely on anyone to give us our sense of self-worth or self-esteem – we know we are worth it. Without a healthy love of self, we reduce our personal power, often falling into petty jealousies, judging our bodies, and numbing our minds.

Equality …

An equal partnership is a positive goal. Your personal power may be challenged. Recognize the need for a balance of power in your body and in your relationships.

Do not give up; there is hope yet. A long-held wish may will be granted, when all else has failed.


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