You Are The Light Of Infinity!

Published April 26, 2020 by tindertender

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The Sacredness Of The Cosmos!

Do You Not Yet Realize You Are A Multidimensional Being?

What Have You Searched For In This Waking Dream?

Have You Found It? Is That Even Possible?

For You Need Not Search And Long For A Future Or Feel You Have Lost A Past!

The Illusion Of Time Will Cause You To Feel Lack!

There Is Only NOW.

What You Really Are Searching For,

You Already Have Within Your Soul, Your Chakras, Your Aura, Your Field, Your Origin,

And The Greatest And Deepest Connection To The Source Of Love!

In This Waking Dream, You Have Gifted Yourself The Ability To Awaken And Remember Aspects Of Infinity!

You May Hear A Song, Listen To Another Being, Awaken To A Flash Of Light,

See An Angel, Hear Tones And Feel From Your Depths You Are So Much More Than This Story!

Maybe You Have Felt Lost And That You Do Not Belong Here!

Beloved Precious Ones, You Are Not Lost!

You Just Forgot Who You Really Are!

Welcome Back To The Truth That There Is No Greater Power Than The Love Essence Of You!

As You Realize You Chose This Dream To Awaken To Reality And Transcend The Endless Programming,

You Are Peeling Off Layers Of Confusion And Feeling The Light Within!

Your Consciousness Is Expanding And You Find You Are Still Here,

Yet Living In Many Densities (Vibrational Frequencies), And Dimensions (Locations).

Living In 3-D Will Block You From Seeing And Experiencing More If You Choose Not To Know.

Some Souls Have Chosen A Particular Moment To Awaken.

Others Awaken Early In Their Dream Story And Others Leave It To Chance.

This Is The Dream That Will Bless All Beings!

The Chaos Of The Planet Will Change Because The Frequency Will Excel Beyond Anything This Planet Has Known.  You Are Part Of This Change!

You Are Powerful And Have A Great Purpose To Be Here NOW.

Until We Meet As Great Friends Face To Face,


I Love You So!

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