Insomniac Vision

Published March 4, 2020 by tindertender

Laying here suffering insomnia, a movie began to slide through my mind in slow motion. I astral traveled and slipped into a dimly lit house. There were women walking and children skipping, as they do, toward a specific room, I followed.

The room appeared to be lit by candle light. There was a circle in the room. At first I was afraid I was about to see a child sacrifice, or ritual.

There was a tall figure in the corner of the room, surrounded by men. They walked the figured to the circle and removed the blanket.

He was a tall, ghostly white person. It looked like the blood had been mostly drained from him.

The men forced this being with huge white wings on its hands and knees on the floor. As the women and children watched, they hacked off his beautiful wings. He sagged, beaten, near dead.

The war being waged is real. There are those on social media claiming to be Archangels, trying to coax people into calm behavior, stating that some choose to be absorbed back into “Creator”, starting life as a clean soul, no memory of previous lives, or personality.

Listen up …

There is a great Harvest happening now, a culling. This creator they speak of is nothing more than an evil entity who feeds on and absorbs the souls of humanity.

They say to love each other, to be passive, to trust the process, and complete strangers who tell you they have your back and that losing your soul isn’t a big issue, telling you this choice may actually even be appealing.

There are indeed true flying beings currently fighting for/ or against, the liberation of this planet and all life on it … I saw one die last night.

Fight dammit … this is our lives … and they plan on eliminating us. Not just our bodies, but our souls.

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