Friends Of The Planet!

Published February 27, 2020 by tindertender

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The Collective Is Growing As Many Are Choosing Light!

We Remind You There Is Nothing To Fear,

As Fear Is An Energy That Passes Through As A Visitor!

What Is Real? Only What Lasts!

Love Is Real And The Essence Of Life!

In Every Story There Is A Measure Of Darkness That Will Attempt To Destroy Sacred Life;

Being So Blind To Truth, They Forget They Too Are Sacred!

Breathe Deeply!

The Manmade Virus Set Before You Now To Destroy And Distract, Will Also Come To An End!

But Not Without The Ending Of Many Lives!

This Depopulation Method Is Not New On Your Planet. 

Neither Is The Murder Of Precious Ones Growing In The Womb!

In These Moments Of Constant Attack On POTUS,

This Is One More Thing The Darkness Wants To Attack Him Falsely Concerning Answers!

For He Has Been At Work On This Cause Before It Was Ever Announced!

Be At Peace Knowing All Is Well And He Cares Deeply For All Life!

In This Moment Of Now, Find Things To Be Grateful For!

Do You Have A Home? Do You Have Food?  Do You Drink Clean Water?

Do You Have A Friend Or Loved One?

Are There Hospitals And Assistance That You Have Access To?

Are You Free To Speak Your Beliefs?

Do You Awaken To See The Sun Shine And Close Your Eyes To Sleep?

Have You Noticed The Flowers And Trees Placed For You To Enjoy?

Do You See The Mountains And Bodies Of Water?

Have You Noticed Throughout Your Life, That All Is Changing Continually,

And That You Are Part Of This Change?

Everyone Has Seasons Of Perceived Loss And Seasons Of Joy!

Be Grateful For All Because You Are Moving More Into Light!

You Have A Choice To Learn And Grow And Become Better!

Use Every Opportunity To Thank God For Life And The Chance To Be!

Soon We Rise!  +++



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