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Published February 12, 2020 by tindertender

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A FALSE god is ANY being in existence that you pledge allegiance to. There is only one universal creator, that is the god-family collective of which you are members. You are the gods of creation.

It is time to remember and stop handing away your crown in return for bread and circus. We create all things and manifest all things into reality.

Your brothers and sisters are the aether particles who are here only to serve you and only when you personally take the actions needed to serve yourself. Save the prayers and get up off of your knees if you seek change.

NO journey ever taken ever led to that person winding up where they wanted to be without taking the first step, and until you do, the aether IS NOT CONVINCED that is where you want to be. Actions do not speak louder than words.

Actions are the ONLY words that the aether can hear.

Never, ever worship any being because they could well be your nemesis in disguise. You and only you alone will ever make it out of this, and it will come from your own inner wisdom. Never, ever forget this.

I am one being equal to you who chose to stick up for a single agenda, that of the human experiment. You are not that experiment, you are god. Never, ever forget this or someone will lead you off of your path.

Your path is yours and yours alone and no one anywhere can act like they know what’s best for you. I can’t, no one can.

Only your awareness is able to distinguish which trail through the woods is better for you. Never, never let your guard down for anyone. Ever.

You are that higher power and the savior you’ve been waiting for. This isn’t just a quaint phrase.

Be strong and be wise now. You are the gods from time immemorial and this is what you came for; the End Game. Shine.

All Love

-mission guide

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