Psychic Abuses, and Sacrifice

Published December 23, 2019 by tindertender

Personal declaration:

There are those who belong to a “group” who’s main task and desire is to gain psychic connection with the god who wants this earth to be “better than heaven”.

To do this, to know the mind of this god, they become psychically connected to individuals, and then make an offering of them to this god. By being psychically connected to the ‘sacrifice’ they hope to be psychically connected to this god, to be ‘married’ in mind and body. Some people have been successful in this union.

Their desire is to know … what does he want from them, for them? Currently, they only ‘guess’ the big end … and do what ever it takes to gain the means to it.

To some extent, this is working … And they have just been given protections … making it more difficult to stand up to these sacrificial abuses (which are NOT just animals).

Through “killing life” they hope to attain “everlasting life”. Ooooohhh, the irony.

This is bigger than the white hat movement … or vaccine pushers, or even Monsanto and the controllers behind that task.

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