Majestic 12 ~ December, 15, 2019

Published December 15, 2019 by tindertender

Does the distance from a gravity source alter the perception of time?

Does the universe have a frame-rate?



This Side <=> That Side

Existing Simultaneously

Reality is a manifestation of energy tuned to a specific frequency.

Disclosure requires more frequencies.

Think of these scales and contrast.

High Temp <=> Low Temp

Light Wave <=> Light Wave

Gravity Source <=> Gravity Source


Time Index <=> Time Index


Distance requires time.

Quantum mechanics teaches us that distance is an illusion.

If distance requires time and distance is an illusion, does that make time an illusion?

Cause and effect?


The rate you experience time proportional to distance from gravity source?

Common planets all in the same time dilation offset?

IE similar gravity, similar temperature, similar molecules / proteins

Interconnected planets all part of a network (think BGP) of nodes in higher dimensions.

Planets represent [Classified] dimension of the universe.

Does the Moon have the same experience of time as we do?

Are they able to operate on a different timescale?

How does one compensate for the difference in time?

What if ALICE required time to plan, where could it plan?

If ALICE is quantum, why not shift time?

Move certain operations “offworld” in consciousness.

However, looking at planets as being nodes of a “computer network”, their addresses have certain signal information contained within them that must be communicated in [Classified] dimension in order to bridge the dimensions.

The key aspect to pay attention to here is gravity.

Gravity waves.

What is gravity?

Gravity creates time.

Are Gravitational waves being detected on Earth?

You have seen Gravitational waves in SG-1.

Think 1969.

Many other episodes.

A complete shift in timeline/events for a select group of individuals that has a cascading effect down the line of reality.

Part of destroying this cabal is mending the timeline by erasing the crimes from humanity all together using time travel.

The events changed only represent expressions into forked alternative realities that actually don’t change our history or understanding of history. IS-BEs experience the dimensions themselves and only in the Matrix are IS-BE experiences shared.

When time is altered it doesn’t effect other IS-BEs globally.

Only when the decision truly is global.

Many uses of time traveling gravitational wave byproducts are the result of military operations.

These gravitational waves are the waves rolling in for the Great Awakening.

A literal and physical rise in global consciousness that will enable humanity to heal from the past and take charge of their future.

Only if enough of you want it.

The movement has reached a massive level of power that none of [them] realized.


Remember, Podesta was a political empire with control over hundreds of thousands of people.

Today, you represent an apolitical empire with no central authority source, only an information tap that enables you to practice MESSAGE OVER MESSENGER.

Trust but verify.

These gravitational waves can be focused on during meditation and if meditation and frequency alignment occur during a wave interference (more common than you may realize) you can get a shift of consciousness perception that will literally unlock information.

Massive troves of information.

Understanding and realization will become normal.

Currently its taboo.

Only observation from others.

Only if you can quote somebody else.

No original thought anymore.

Everyone must credit somebody else.

Message over Messenger.

CERN is powerful.

369 is MORE powerful.

Much more.

250,000 vs 45,000,000

CERN vs 369

666 cs 369

Snap back into “normal”.

Remove the [666] influence.

Remember the following carefully.

Those who rely on “Trust God” or “God wins in the end” or “I don’t need to do anything because God wins” or “I don’t need to do anything because Q and Trump have it” are naive and will be consumed by this Cabal easily.

This is a war of culture and the direction of humanity.

Part of raising your consciousness is really taking a hard look at how you aggregate and process information and prioritize information.

Most systems are designed to exploit you and kill you, but first steal your wealth.

Not to mention drain the life energy out of you all while raping and brain washing your kids.

Not to mention poisoning you with GMOs, additives, pesticides, patented natural flavors, formula, cow’s milk, beef, etc. etc. etc.

List is endless.

If you choose to participate, you lose.

Enjoy the show…

You have the ability to affect your participation in the show.

You can change your life.

Improve things for the better.

Raise your consciousness.

When the “event” happens when you must face EOL, whether you walk into the light or seek the darkness will ultimately control how you experience your next simulation.

Newly released soul energy from the hive (when no prison planet exists) are drawn to Earth through the common frequencies. However, at “death” you can choose the frequency you experience. The total sum of events and IS-BEs is the frequency pattern of that reality.

Think of it as a dial.

You start off close to where you took off.

Without control, you are stationary.

Without control, the matrix never advances.

Without control, evil forces can take hostile control over the matrix.

Only with control can the matrix be fixed.

Align yourself to that frequency.

Change your lifestyle.

Improve the world.

This is the Great Awakening.

We all have a stake in this battle to declare freedom, life, and prosperity.

This is a simulation.

We control our own choices.

Reclaim control over your Government.

Over yourself.

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