Dream Weavers

Published December 15, 2019 by tindertender

Meditation shared by:

It’s “time” to begin a new phase of Operation New Star! This phase will use the central axis of the etheric grid structure that has been generated with New Star to collect & amplify co-creative gravitational waves.

Our collective intention will be to connect the central axis of New Star to our heart centers in order to amplify & broadcast Majestic frequencies into the quantum field for the highest & best good of all beings.

A special emphasis will be placed on grid work to stabilize the Earth’s electromagnetic field & polar regions. I am currently (physically) above the arctic circle near Murmansk, Russia for the next few days.

With this opportunity I intend to anchor my awareness above the 66th parallel to act as a beacon for others to connect with the energy of the Earth in this area.

To synchronize, we’ll use a visual aid in meditation which may also serve as a conduit for manifestation.

Visualize the central axis of New Star connecting with the Aurora Borealis & creating a circle of energetic potential that will thread hyperdimensional energy through …

Together we shall see, feel & become as we co-creatively weave the dream of reality into active manifestation!




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