Thank You, My Love

Published December 8, 2019 by tindertender

Like steel, your firm planting allows my soul to rest.

The warmth of your heart is reflected in every ounce of light … beaming into my center, my love, healing my hurts.

The beauty of your simple crookedness allows me to know, without doubt, there is beauty in my crooked places too.

I am eternally grateful for you.

Your treasures are not hidden, nor can they ever be marred, for every use, every gifting, only increases the portions which give you value … Loving, Bright Value.

Even in your plain state it shows that no other could potentially replace you ~ the calm of a winter storm, the freshness of a slow wind, the ‘fire’ of a warm sun, and twinkling flow like a glistening river.

Thank you for warming my heart.

Thank you for being kind.

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