Psychic Responsibility

Published December 8, 2019 by tindertender

Being psychic requires huge accountability. When we have the potential of tapping in to someone’s mind, energy, or time-line, we are to be extremely cautious, for we can cause insanity, chaos, or any number of things in a person, group of people, or place.

The responsibility is so enormous because with a single action or energetic exchange, whole atmospheric and mass populace changes can occur.

If someone is prone to bitch all the time, always finding fault in something, anything, everything, then that energy is manifested in everything it comes into contact with.

The trouble is, so many are not trained in the affects of their energy outputs, nor do they seem to care too much about the ripple effects of their ‘contributions’.

So many go out and ‘strike’, scream and yell at each other, abuse and/or harm each other thinking they’ll somehow, out of this chaos, manifest something peaceful, righteous and good, or perhaps even ‘profitable’ in some fashion. HA! Children …

Imagine someone hearing your thoughts as you cuss them in your mind. They’re standing right next to you, or in the other room, and they recognize your voice. They walk in on you and feel the energy being broadcast by your mind, your body … ALL of your body’s, not just your physical form. Do you suppose they’ll smile at you and sincerely tell you how they hope your every desire for success will be won? This is potential negativity reflected to you is your manifestation … and it grows, because you planted a rotten seed in the mind of another.

As these rotten seeds sprout and take form, one person to the next, those unwilling to train their processes fall deeper and deeper into a hell, an egregore created en mass … knowingly, or not. We see this all the time.

Everywhere you go, driving to work, walking the halls at school, riding your bicycle down the street … it would be beneficial if you were to practice sending thought forms that were thankful, grateful, or appreciative in some manner. A complement, a “thank you” for being allowed sufficient ‘safety’ space on the road … sing a little dish to them, anyone who inspires a song in your heart. Do it without needing recognition, or praise.

Habits … so many being played out in this world right now must be broken, changed, and replaced with newness which is favorable for the whole.

Training ourselves not to be instant a-holes is a challenge … but possible, and a must, if we wish to see life continue to be anything which might be called ‘pleasant’.

Do yourself a favor and learn to breathe before you practice reacting to things.

Clairvoyance: literally translates to “clear sight.”

Clairaudience: usually defined as the perception of messages in thought forms from an entity that exists in another realm.

Clairsentience: the ability to touch or hold an object, stand in a specific place, and/or touch the body of a person and sense the energy encircling that person, place or thing.

Egregore: a concept representing a “thought-form” or “ collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. This was the term used in the Book of Enoch for great angel-like spirits.

2 comments on “Psychic Responsibility

  • Yes, this is so true. The old adage “With great power comes great responsibility” comes to mind. The trouble is, so many people do not recognize their power, their influence. We desperately need more individuals to be mindful. ❤ Light & Love to you!

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