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mission guide | 9/20/19

Naturally they’re going to use the term “electromagnetic fields” to describe how spiders “fly” without using wings: they have to, simply because they’ve built a web around themselves that is so tightly wound they can never come right out and tell you this is the electrostatic-magnetic field, that creature is using a Meissner Field, and the electricity they’re describing is actually called Cooper Pairs known as anion ions.

All of the simple-English-science of how this works has been laid out in the human handbook Cheops SPOKE. The truth is you have millions of species of insects and birds flying around you at all times that are using these fields. Some simply hang upside-down on ceilings and on vertical walls to rest for hours at a time, flatly defying the laws of physics. Yes, science has remained silent until now on how that works, and no, they aren’t clinging by their toes. All you have to do is take a close look at these creatures to see one tell-tale signature that is always present to know which species is going to make up its own rules of how gravity works: iridescence.

That rainbow sparkle shimmering in the sunlight is the Mother Crystal “mineral” used by the invader races all along to enslave mankind. This mineral that levitates with the right sonic vibration to trigger their Meissner Fields simply passes through their digestive system and forms their skeletons and exoskeletons, wings, shells and even legs and antennae.

The next time you see the sun go down in an area usually buzzing, literally, with flies; watch what happens as the sun slips down past the mountain or horizon. When all the flies suddenly vanish from view perhaps you will get some idea of what powers their little levitation fields. Here’s a hint: its the same thing that powers every passenger jet you’ve ever seen fly overhead. The only thing the jet has they haven’t got is an on-board capacitor (the entire body of the jet) that will allow them to keep flying even when there is no photosynthesis.

I can’t cover the entire science of how this miracle mineral vibrates at the perfect pitch that causes levitation in this one article, since we’re talking about an intense scientific topic, but I will tell you that all of the physics enough to understand it is right there beginning in chapter 6 Dark Matter Energy if you would like to know. But for now it is nice to see that at least science has begun to address this eons-old phenomenon.

mission guide

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