Energetic Exercise For Transformation

Published August 22, 2019 by tindertender

Written by Xalos@Turboxyde

For those of you who may feel called to connect with this intention and co-create a better outcome for all: Typhoon Bailu is headed into an already soaked area of the world (Taiwan/China) and the storm may produce deadly conditions. Meanwhile in Brazil and surrounding areas of the rainforest, fires are consuming swaths of land and environmental conditions aren’t stabilizing fast enough and some areas are out of control. These two polarities need to be balanced within the Earth’s Electromagnetic Field and our consciousness is able to assist!

If you desire to support, all you need to do is to pray/meditate intensely for a few moments and connect your awareness with these two locations on the planet. To do so, sit down and begin to clear your mind and bring your body into balance by using the breath. As you inhale draw energy from inside and around your body, your heart, the Earth, the Sun, the Cosmos. Focus this energy into your Heart and see your Biofield expanding with every exhale, becoming larger and larger. After a few moments, or several minutes (depending on your practice) begin to move your consciousness to the area of the planet where Typhoon Bailu is swirling. See it, feel it… enter the eye of the storm and stand as a column of light in the center. Reach with your hands outward into the storm and gather the energy and pull it inward by visualizing and focusing your breath on the actions you see in your minds eye. Allow the energy to be stored in your biofield and when you feel you have gathered enough, carry this energy to Amazon and begin distributing it amongst the fires in the rainforest.

The only intention you should have is to become a conduit of unconditional love for the energy to discharge safely from one polarity to the next. Set the intention to allow the Earth to control the rate at which this transfer happens so that no being is harmed in this process.

You may then return to your location of the planet and “ground” your energy back to your body and into the Earth with the intention to harmonize, heal and protect all. Use the breath to focus, use the mind’s eye to see and use the heart to feel. If you practice QiGong or Reiki you may also blend your practice into this process. For QiGong, you can stand upright and balance out, then use the breath and your arms to gather and discharge energy. Slow, powerful yet graceful, fluid movements will greatly enhance this. The same applies for Reiki practitioners can hold a globe of the Earth or use a map to focus their awareness on that location and transfer energy through your body in a similar fashion. Creation provides many material “tools” to use but all that is truly required is the mind’s eye and the power of love.

Please share this message for those who wish to participate and share the co-creative intention, may we all be blessed by our thoughts, emotions and actions for the highest and best good of all!


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