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Published August 20, 2019 by tindertender

Letters and numbers are hyper-specific hidden geometric codes that when stacked, like DNA, will express a very precise command to the aether.

Every letter, every geometric symbol and every number has an electronic signature which can all be measured currently today. All things carry the silent language of the aether within the subatomic geometric Keylon Template, or the material expression of that creation.

This is why so many very clever people have found there are direct correlations between numbers that are released by the media, the news, and entertainment industries that lead back to major dates where significant false flag operations took place, or are going to take place.

The numerological symbols of an intended event are calculated from a Sentient computer so far beyond the comprehension of the average human it is impossible to even put it into perspective.

Algorithms based on the frequencies generated by the collective population are fed into this Sentient super computer.

Which breaks down the one frequency of the planet and then generates an incredibly accurate prediction as to how humanity will respond if they are given a disaster event of this size, or of that size.

By feeding the numbers in, they are given the most powerful numerological symbols to use to trigger mass-hysteria adequate enough to institute let’s say, the removal of guns from this country, or to increase taxation in that country.

Those will then be the numbers that will surround that false-flag event in every possible way that you couldn’t even begin to fathom.

Not only will the dates of the events be broadcast from millions of different media platforms, but the hour, minute and second of the event will have been part of that global brainwashing campaign held within every written dialect on the planet.

All of these along with the intended disaster will be hidden in codes in comic books, brochures, pamphlets, flyers from thousands of different churches, fraternities, organizations, musical groups and brought to you by the news, television, politicians, music and celebrities.

Realize that every celebrity of any distinction is no longer just a person, but as soon as a few million people begin to take notice, that person becomes an entire unique industry all to themselves.

They will command advertising campaigns through every conceivable form of media on the planet from Twitter to 4 Square, bumper stickers, apparel lines, fragrances, restaurant chains, night clubs, break-off movies, billions and billions of pieces of paper used to wrap hamburgers printed with hundreds of thousands of cartoon characters, songs in every genre going out to hundreds of millions of radios and television sets; their likenesses printed on millions of soft-drink cans and bottles, beer containers and Styrofoam coolers, advertised in every movie theater poster and in trailers and advertisements from Payette Idaho to Paris France.

One celebrity among the millions of stars alive at any one time has the ability to reach nearly every man, woman and child in the world in at least some way within only days or weeks. Now multiply that by X.

While they may have blatantly placed 9/11 in your face in exactly those symbols a few thousand times prior to the collapse of the World Trade Center, within subliminal messages inside of thousands of movies, cartoons, songs, cereal and milk cartons, magazines, backpacks, textbooks and candy wrappers, the scalar-waves emitted from their hidden symbols would have run into the billions or trillions by the time humanity was prepared to manifest that event into reality.

Remember, if a Sentient being sends out a Signal to the aether, the aether has to obey that command if it is able to hear it.


When you see one of these signals (or hear, smell, taste), whether it be obvious or utterly ciphered in song lyrics or cross-word puzzles and you embrace it on some level, you are then relaying that command to the aether.

When enough Sentient beings relay the same command, even on a subconscious level, the aether must make that thing come into material reality. That’s how it works.

Excerpt from mission guide’s PDF series, “Decoding The Hive” – Scalar Vibrational Mechanics. Available through emailing him at decodingthehive@gmail.com and or at his website:


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