Published August 17, 2019 by tindertender

Believe it or not, I didn’t make this meme even though I have stated this numerous times in the handbook series.

It is simply from other scientists stating a fact. And how does this effect you? Until you understand that all things are light waves and light waves don’t actually move, you will never understand how the spacetime fabric works.

Immediately you might say “so what, who cares?” To which I would respond that unless you understand at least the fundamentals about true science, it will be impossible for you to understand who you are and why you came to this playing field that is 100% holographic.

Where at the smallest core of every atom there has never been a single speck of matter ever found by science in all recorded history. There is ONLY Light.

This means simply that it is an impossibility for your body and your awareness to have been a matter of accident because light doesn’t evolve into things. At all. It is merely a color created by a sound.

🔹LIGHT is created by SOUND

🔹SOUND is created by FRICTION

🔹FRICTION is created by ACTION

🔹ACTION is created by INTENT

🔹INTENT is created by WILL

🔹WILL is created by THOUGHT

🔹Without THOUGHT, there can be none of the above.


And sonic waves can only come from Sentient beings. Beings who can make a decision and then act on it to produce that wave.

Which means that before there was such a thing as a hologram you call matter, there was something else alive, aware and had the ability to produce that sound. In the beginning was the word.

If light has never evolved in the totality of recorded time even by the smallest degree, what are the odds exactly that your body evolved from pond scum? The answer is 0.

Once you realize that no life form ever evolved by itself into something else, you will suddenly realize that means that everything around you was literally designed, blueprinted and then built one at a time.

There are millions of billions of creations around you that each one could have taken a million or even a trillion years to perfect before it was allowed into the rarefied air of Tara Urth.

One of the most magnificent playing fields ever created to host the one most advanced and celebrated living creation ever conceived; the Angelic Human.

That’s you.

It was you who made the sound that generated the light and it was you who told that light to hold the shape of what it was you wanted to see.

Because it was you who has been here before there was a here and it will be you who will still be commanding light trillions of years after there is no evidence of your planet or the beings that once played together here.

You are, literally speaking, the prime creator referred to as god.

The only thing that evolves is understanding. Knowledge. Wisdom. Nothing else other than this actually exists.

So when you go about picking and choosing what it is you decide to spend your time on while in manifestation, just be aware of the fact that we’ve waited until only now during your days of transition to the next level to tell you the secrets of creation.

And they are right there for a very short time for you to access in the human handbook series. Will you still answer “so what, who cares?” when you see this playing field change before your eyes, or will you be asking questions like who am I and why did I come here?

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