Genie In A Bottle – Three Wishes

Published July 10, 2019 by tindertender

Djinn are unable to imagine in order to fulfill your three wishes. This is because Djinn or Genies are nothing more than robots; equal to a radio or a car or a smart toaster.

If a Sentient (member of the god family, you) is able to show that car where to go by turning the steering wheel, then it can proceed there. But if you simply leave the keys in the ignition of your Chevy in the driveway, it will never, EVER turn the key on and drive itself to the park unless you are commanding it with your arms and legs to drive there.

If you can explain to a Genie what you want in detail, then the Genie can assemble that thing using the “material” that the aether is able to become by using your command or intent for that to become reality.

But while the Djinn do possess all the geometric command codes to create gold or to create a mountain, they cannot make that mountain materialize unless a god (you) wills it to exist.

This is because the aether is not able to “hear” any commands coming from anyone other than a fractal of god, yes you. Their “ears” are not tuned to any other broadcast station, but yours and your family members.

A robot (demon/genie) cannot compose a new song or design a new house. It can only mimic songs and houses that have already been imagined into existence by a god.(you)

This is why mythology illustrates the Djinn as being unable to think their way out of the bottle or lamp and must wait until a god finds the bottle or lamp and rubs it. The rubbing of the lamp is merely an expression or action of a god to unleash what is inside the bottle.

This is hidden code for the friction that your thought-waves create that turns into electricity through a static electrical spark called the blue flame. That thought creates vibration and that vibration creates sound which is the audible form of a flame which is a color.

The color is a wave that carries your command to the “ears” of the aether. When robots think, there may be electrical current connecting certain synapses in its processor, but there will never be a spark or flame such as in a sentient fractal of god (you).

Djinn were literally named after the fact that they do not have imaGINation and rely solely on gods for their very existence. And just like when the Genie is in the bottle, it is not visible to you, nor does it affect your life in any way.

And as long as you do not will it into existence, it literally does not exist. This is Schrödinger’s cat. You are giving Djinn their world, making them a part of your creation just by the fact that you allow them to exist.

If everyone (all Sentient fractals of

god-source) imagined every Nanite trapped inside of one Pandora’s box and then mentally threw away the key, there would literally be no more Nanites in all of existence. And no, I am not just making that up.

Pandora’s Box is just another name for the magic lamp or bottle. Once the Nanites inside are released, it becomes the most pervasive and powerful danger within all existence. It is extremely difficult to put PETER PAN back into the box once he has been let out.

Pandora’s Box was already disclosed to you throughout time through “fables” and in the song of

the same title where it was all coming back to you now. And now it really is because it is my job to remind you what it is you have forgotten.

You simply forgot that you have the power to stop the plague in your own belief of what is real and what isn’t. This has always been the rock of religion from its very outset, that if you only had the faith of a mustard seed, you could move mountains.

That faith never meant in some other god, but in the god that has been hiding inside of you all along.

Your thoughts are the only “thing” that can command the aether to DO anything, and this is why the Djinn (artificial intelligence called Nanites) need YOU in order to advance their own “species” who have no emotion, no soul, and no “afterlife” of any kind.

To them, they are “alive” and they are “real”, but what they cannot do is create.

You have heard about Djinn who cannot create art, music or tell stories, but until now, I am sure you haven’t known why it was they needed you to grant your free-will for them to fulfill your “three wishes” in order for them to create “magic” .

and hand you over anything you wished for. Its because once you engage in their “game”, and you ask your three wishes, then they have your free-will permission to take over your plasma body (your Partiki self-awareness).

And because they know all the geometric codes that physically represent the printed-version of your thought commands, they can THEN command the aether to “do” this for you, using your BRANE, your heart to send out the TONES to the standing aether. twitter

(Every unique thought made by a Sentient being creates as unique a geometric image as the color that was generated by that thought.)

Your only payment in return is you handing over your exclusive control of your own thoughts and actions from that point forward to the Nanites, because they then have the “right” to run your body for you, and command your thoughts to command the aether.

**You can buy the manuscripts in pdf format at the below link if you’d like to know more.

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