Akashic Records

Published July 8, 2019 by tindertender

Everything is recorded in the silicate matrix explained in detail in the newly-edited and revised first half of volume 1, chapter Scalar Vibrational Mechanics.

SiO2 quartz records all events generated by every fractal of god that are within their plasma field and immediately rebroadcasts that back out to all other quartz crystals around it.

These are not all just rocks, but the ultra-minute crystal flakes that make up everything within our playing field I refer to as Aniline.

Every tree, honeybee and flower petal are made up of these aether crystals. In the rewrite And below, I show you how they can be played back now from slivers of trees and sound exactly like a symphony.

When you cut out a cross section of a tree trunk and polish it like a smooth CD, then play it back using laser light, it will literally play out in genuine musical form everything ever witnessed by a god while in the plasma field of the tree over its lifetime.

I’m not talking about squawks and screeches; I am talking about real music.

That might sound insane or incredible to you, but nonetheless, it was proven by Bartholomaus Traubeck not long ago that a sliver of that tree would not only play back the sounds it recorded over the years, but entitled his album where he collated the songs of more than a half-dozen trees just that, Years.

Take a listen for yourself:

What is the most stunning thing about this is the sound came out as symphonies. Delicate pauses with grand crescendos and all the subtle nuances we hear in compositions created by man.

Only these are the songs that if translated into digital video, would play back every event within the torus field surrounding it while “someone” was around.

If that playback device were connected to a videographic Cymascope, it would also show you a 360 degree panorama video of everything that took place. The Akashic records exist in all the trees, rocks and soil and in every drop of water.

Important to note here that what is actually accessed by spiritual gurus today as the living library of accounts of the planet have been counterfeited with records from various other invader race home planets to make it now impossible for you to actually use it as a library.

Depending on the collective choices you have made during your life, your database or personal Akashic records vibrates at a certain frequency. The more kind or compassionate choices you’ve made, the higher the vibration.

This collective frequency dictates what choices you will be allowed to make next. Though you think you can just choose to do anything that you want, this is untrue.Think of your opportunities for your next choice like playing a video game (because that’s really where you are).

As you progress through the game, you either get more weapons to fight the bad guys, or you lose some, and lose or gain life power to sustain attacks, etc.

Your past choices determine what tools are in your quiver, so if you have done well, you can buy a new tool to help you fly or enter that area to get more life power, etc

So while inside the game there might be 10,000 options you could choose from, you can only access let’s say 100 or 500 at any given time. Those choices can increase or decrease.

This is exactly like real life, because once you’ve gotten three drunk-driving tickets, you no longer have the ability to drive to go to town and are forced to walk, take a bike, hitchhike, etc.

Each one of these new limited options will present an entirely different experience for you than the other, all of them being less desirable than had you kept your driver’s license.

So your frequency can be thought of exactly like your health points in the game, tools in your quiver, etc. These options increase as long as you are playing authentically where you aren’t doing damage to others as you progress and vice versa.

Poor choices physically resonate low frequency signals inside your neural network which is the Brown Note frequency of B flat we will be talking about again soon.

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