Black Body Radiation

Published July 4, 2019 by tindertender

When you drink a bottle of soda, thinking it is going to be good for you, you are choosing to inject into your system the quantum of black body radiation which turns hundreds of your very delicate internal processes into black holes or “black body vortices” in energy terms.

This is because all things are energy. There is no such thing as something that is inert, and no such thing as anything made up of matter. Energy is the only “real” thing ever discovered in science since the term was even coined.

Black body radiation is equated directly to nuclear destruction, lack of life and in biological systems, death.

Sugar crystals at their quantum are cation ions. Their job is to lower the oscillation of energy (pulsations of outgoing energy that set the metronomic pulsation rate) of living things.

When you strip all the other nutrients away from sugar crystals to produce nothing but the white granules we use to sweeten our foods, what you have done is produce a pure cation ion cathode that has one job; to delete energy as instantly as it possibly can.

Look closely at what is left behind of this premier soda once the liquids have boiled off, exposing the truth about what you are really drinking.

All “sodas” contain this quantum poison, not just the really expensive stuff. Even the term soda itself comes from the science term sodium carbonate. It is the OPPOSITE of sodium chloride.

Carbon means cation. Cation means black hole and black body radiation which is another word for RADON.

Now that you know how energy is quantified, and that all things you eat are either anions or cations, hopefully it will put into perspective just how brutal the Kybal’s master plan has been to attack your biological system from the very beginning.

Eating a sugar cane stalk with all the juices of that living plant puts living anion ion cells into your body and gives you a pleasant sensation that can be fun and not terribly unhealthy.

Removing all the life essence oxygen out of it, then using those granules all by themselves in an unthinkably massive dose to the tune of 10 spoonfuls in a single drink is the act of committing slow and very painful suicide on purpose.

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