Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Published July 4, 2019 by tindertender

To make this perfectly clear: a FALSE god is ANY being in existence that you pledge allegiance to. There is only one universal creator, that is the god-family collective of which you are members. You are the gods of creation.

It is time to remember and stop handing away your crown in return for bread and circus. We create all things and manifest all things into reality.

Your brothers and sisters are the aether particles who are here only to serve you and only when you personally take the actions needed to serve yourself. Save the prayers and get up off of your knees if you seek change.

NO journey ever taken ever led to that person winding up where they wanted to be without taking the first step, and until you do, the aether IS NOT CONVINCED that is where you want to be.

Actions are the ONLY words that the aether can hear.

2 comments on “Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  • I completely understand. There are methods of ‘cleaning up’ our organic systems. I use the MSM powder to soften cellular walls and then chlorella, and a number of other herbs to purify. (Use caution, as the msm powder will carry things beyond the blood brain barrier). Here’s a link.
    If you want to really get into what’s been going on with the human race you can email mission guide from Emerald Law of One at
    There are many things one can do to (as best we can) eliminate these things from our biology. It will all work out as it should. I am happy you are aware and willing to take action in response to the war waged against humanity.


  • Ok. I get it. Really. But in all my deep delving into the psycho-spiritual/quantum-alchemal/Matrix-Hologram-3D-4D… ASCENSION (Yay!) — I’m still left with this very personally pressing conundrum that never really seems to get addressed: how does one employ the old, “mind over matter, creator of your reality,” when your mind is literally being hijacked by matter to create an alternate reality on a non-stop basis? I’m referring to the issue of smart-dust, laced with A.I., nanotech, and all other manner of insanity. Much of this manifests itself physically, as well in what has come to be termed Morgellons. I’m sure you are well aware of this program and how it is also intricately linked with the ever-increasing RFs and EMFs, etc bombarding us constantly, cutting us off from our ability to actually access the inner energetic tools we need, or to utilize the outside forces available to assist (not save) us. I don’t want to get too in depth here with my whole personal saga, but there is something very… wrong… deeply… unnatural happening when I can take close-up photos of chemtrails, a cotton pad I’ve used to clean my face, and a supposedly powerful and protective bloodstone rock and have the same terrible anomalies show up – and only is it really visible when photographed. I can only describe it as a kind of aetheric, clear to crystalline (but that’s a GOOD word, right?) webbing that tends to have both light and dark light particles. More like little glowing plasma orbs with noticeable motion, and the darkest dark shadow-like elements of roughly the same size. Many have long spindly “legs”. Others look more like tiny spiders. Some are almost more like shadow ants. You can see movement in consecutive photos. I declare my sovereignty and freedom every day. My non-consent. I purge, release, transmute lower energies and karmic miasmic debris (to the best I can with a blocked heart center and whatever else.). I say I do not want this. Do not need this. This is my game, my life. I am over it. (SO OVER IT). Ready to move on… I have tried requesting intercession from Guardians (serving the Law of One only). It’s just really hard to simply allow and go with the flow when disgusting acid-like goo, bugs, and all kinds of random particles and crystal filaments are coming out of your face 24/7.

    Would just like to know what the brothers and sisters of the aether dust have to say about the “smartdust.”


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