Native Cultures, Honoring Great Spirit, Why Do They Suffer?

Published June 24, 2019 by tindertender

Sometimes we come across a site that shares information which makes one do a double-take and question everything they thought they knew. is one of them. As far out as it sometimes seems, I find that my mind is stretching beyond the normal “story” people have been telling themselves for generations. Perhaps you may find it interesting as well, so with permission, I share many of the posts here. There are manuals in pdf format at if you feel inclined to purchase and make part of your reading pleasure.

Question to mission guide:

“Regarding the Native Americans, with all the honoring they did to the Great Spirit, nothing helped. No one was in their corner, it seems. They were here first right? What did they do so incorrect, that they received zero protection?”

Their problem was they were human. All humans are in the cross hairs of the invader races. The native tribes were from the 1st Angelic Human tribe, the Breanoua.

Developing strands 1 and 2 and the base codes for strand 3 of the 12 strands of human dna and were blocked from ascension until the dropping of the seals at the peak of the ascension wave in 2017, so they were already “dead” as far as the invaders were concerned.

Just like the Black Race who had their overtones and base codes destroyed in the Fall of Man war, sealing them to the Sphere of Amenti regenesis needed for hundreds of millions of years. The hispanics are in the same class as well.

Only the tribes of Melchizedek and Aryans were exempt,that’s why those two have been so infiltrated and allowed to “prosper”, which is only keeping gas in the tank while the bus brings the invaders closer to infiltrating the 4th dimension and Aqueous Earth,their true target.

Remember, they need to destroy the entire Time Matrix in order to evaporate the Angelic Human.

This was never a race war fought just on earth, this has always been an intergalactic war being waged by the highest level beings in creation, the Elohim who’s mission it is to absolutely destroy all humans. Period.

Knowledge is frequency and the more you absorb, the higher your frequency.

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