Tinnitus and What it Actually Means

Published June 22, 2019 by tindertender

Tinnitus will be a constant background white noise in your ears if you are following the ascension. It is one of the most verifiable indications that you are physically making the separation to a higher plain now.

Some 20 percent or so of humans are now experiencing this, making it beyond pandemic levels, though the medical industry acts like it has always been this way when that is simply not true.

What you can’t do is assume that just because your body is resonating with the shift that you have a lock on your own ascension.

Because two things have to happen for you to reach sympathetic harmonic resonance with the full frequency spectrum of the 4th dimension: your body must not be rejecting the Carbon 7.

Which means that you, at your Krystal Seed Atom core or zero-point, have long since resonated with this frequency and are merely only temporarily misplaced and just need to find your way back home again.

And your imagination or belief in yourself as being worthy of going on to a more harmonious existence is a real thing that isn’t just you being fanciful and unrealistic.

We very often reject positive changes in our lives due to low self esteem from MK Ultra brainmapping where we have become convinced that we are intrinsically flawed so we justify hanging out with Billy or Karen again because in our minds Chad or Melissa are better than we are.

Even though we know the latter would be 10x more beneficial to us in our own lives because they have higher standards.

Low self esteem is the 500 lb lion always waiting in the background to devour us should we stray too far into higher or more refined existence.

Which was implanted by every teacher, playmate and authority figure over our lives telling us we’re a (bleep) up, we’re not as smart as someone else.

And on and on the programming goes to make themselves feel better about who they are because others out there are also deficient and so they’re not alone.

When I was a young man I was groomed for success by a kindly older gentleman that saw in me something unusual.

So he chose to impart to me secrets given to him by his blue blood family that had come from a wealthy dynasty and were all learned in the secrets reserved for Initiates of the Golden Dawn (Masonic secrets of success).

One of the first things he taught me was to always be the dumbest person in every room and to surround myself with people who have achieved greatness at every given opportunity.

He said never, ever be the smartest one there so I would learn the ways of success “because that rubs off on us”. This is the exact opposite of what our natural instincts tell us to do because we want to always be the one most admired. That’s not the way to grow.

Each human on this planet came here as one of the most celebrated gods in the history of the cosmeias.

Otherwise you would have never qualified for the Turnaneusiam Project where the most powerful and advanced Avatar of all time was being offered to only accomplished and proven ascended masters.

It has only been through Project Monarch and MK Ultra programs being rolled out into mainstream background noise the human will has been able to be suppressed to the point where now the average person thinks nothing of acting like an animal in almost every situation.

Because its been programmed into our subconscious “that’s just what humans do”. Trust me, “humans” don’t really do those things at all, but aliens without a conscience do.

No, we don’t actually have sex with the first person we meet at the club, no, we don’t actually do any drug that’s handed to us at the party without asking questions, no we don’t really take 5 yr-olds into the bathroom to molest.

But as long as the stories continue to flood the newspapers with such reports on a daily basis, we assume that’s who we really are, so why not act like that ourselves?

If the invader race aliens had to walk around in bright green skin everywhere they went, it would be obvious to mankind that they have been infiltrated.

And now their leaders, their newscasters, their police and priests and ministers and bosses are actually illegal aliens from another star system a trillion years less advanced than Tara Urth is.

And they simply have no idea yet how to handle themselves in Avatars with such incalculable potential to cause destruction to others.

So like monkeys with machine guns, they walk around setting the most outlandishly asinine examples for the actual humans to mimic out of simply not being prepared to interact at this level.

First you have to see others out there who are living by these insanely low standards for who they are; not human, before you can understand that you made the rules for higher existence before you even arrived here.

So you can easily live by those standards and can easily move on to more advanced levels such as the dimension we are now merging with, so you really do “deserve” to be there.

And treating others like the gods they are isn’t that difficult to achieve. But as long as you think that you are really just another nameless and faceless has-been or never-was in the grand scheme of life like Billy or Karen (just imagine those you grew up with who couldn’t seem to get anything right), your imagination will prevent you from seeing the new reality that is trying its best to come into focus before your eyes now vibrating at 100x higher than they did when you were born.

That’s your world you are returning to, not some world you have no place in.”

All Love, Mission guide




After reading the above article of opinion on Carbon 7, I wondered at the mention of it being “rejected” by the body earlier in this post. I’m curious at the nutritional formula the body would need to be most successful at transition?


Wang took up the challenge, showing that carbon can make not only six but, stunningly, seven bonds.

I asked about it and this is the response received from mission guide:

Carbon 7 is the “dust” that was held inside the handbags of the gods in ancient Sumer-Ur and Egypt as portrayed in the stone carvings of Marduk and other gods that represents their ability to cross through “turnstile” ascension gates.

Such as Stonehenge and the Sphere of Amenti underneath Cheops.

It has the ability to elevate the frequency of human DNA to a higher level of awareness (your ability to bring into focus higher plains). If your body’s particle spin rate isn’t high enough to absorb it, then it will be repulsed by your diamagnetic bioelectric field.

But if you’re already reaching that level of oscillation rate, then it will bring your field inline to the next “point on the dial” as it were.

Carbon 7 is now blanketing Tara Urth, reflected in the Schumann Resonance that recently hit a level 100x higher than ever before recorded in Urth history.

As the Krystal Cathedral Energy Temples of the planet have aligned with 2nd Density, levels 4,5 and 6 of the energy matrix known as the Aqueous Sun.


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